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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Just a Quickie!

Card Featuring a Grungeboard Flower

I'm going to keep this brief tonight - I've been teaching a Christmas Workshop today, we had a fab time but I'm now about ready to fall into bed. So I'll post a full update tomorrow.

But for now, I've had some enquiries about the Grungeboard, the techniques I use to make the flowers and how to go about joining the Grahicus Guild. As I don't have individual links back to the people wanting to know more, I will try to answer your queries here. The August GG Newsletter will contain a step-by-step tutorial featuring the Grungeboard flowers and will go out to all GG members the week after next (all being well).
The Graphicus Guild details are available here! (click on the link).

The Graphicus Guild is all about education. Learning new skills and trying new techniques. The monthly newsletter is written for crafters at all levels and features all sorts of useful information including product reviews, money saving offers, step-by-step tutorials, inspiration, a monthly ATC swap, find out what's happening at Graphicus and when, and get priority booking on our workshops. These are just a sellection of the things you'll find in the newsletter on a regular basis together with a whole lot more.

I do hope this answers some of your questions if not all of them. The Guild membership is growing daily, it's a wonderful way of increasing your crafting knowledge and of course.... there's the opportunity to get your Guild Members Limited Edition stamps every month at very special prices! They are beautiful and well worth having in your collection.

For those of you who are not yet members:
We hope to be able to welcome you to the Guild very soon and to introduce you to the wonders of Grungeboard if you haven't already tried it.

Happy Crafting to all!

PS: Hi Lisa - if you'd like to leave a comment on my blog with your email address I will contact you directly, the comment including your email address 'won't' be posted to the blog to protect your contact details.

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Phree said...

Looking forward to the next Guild Newsletter even more now because I have been dying to try making those flowers but wasn't really sure I could do it without some instructions.