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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Coming Soon..... to a Blog Near You!

I'm back from my travels! Oh what a fun week is has been so far, there's so much going on! I have been snapping away with my camera and had intended to sit down and bring my blog bang up to date this evening but it's taken me most of the evening to edit all the photo's and reduce them in size ready to put on the blog.

Then, when I was ready to begin my eye started playing up. It's incredibly sore and staring at this screen is making it much worse. So I'm going to get an early night (yes! anything before midnight is early for me). I'm a bit of a night owl and fortunately for me, I only seem to need about four to five hours sleep - leaves me more time for crafting!

I will aim to bring everything up to date tomorrow evening and will post pictures of the demos from the TV shows last Monday...... including the one I didn't get to do as we sold out of the Blooming Botanicals too quickly.

I also have some really exciting news that I've been dying to share with you. In the mean time, here are some photo's taken at fairly obscure angles for you to ponder over.

Night Night!


Phree said...

Hmm is that concertaina the demo you were not able to show... the photo is too small to see it clearly but it looks like an interesting project. Great shows on Monday, looking forward to seeiing your pics of the samples. Hope Glenda didn't squash you too badly under your haul from the mammoth stash shopping spree on the journey home.

Helen said...

You're not telling me you managed to demo that double sided concertina book - they usually only give you a couple of minutes a go! It looks fantastic - can we see it close up?

Anonymous said...

Now then, you can go saying things like "exciting news to share" and then not share - that isn't fair! LOL.

Those projects look great are we going to see the concertina featured in it's full glory on your blog and in a future Guild Newsletter?


Anonymous said...

Oh good! I was hoping you'd show the beautiful concertina book. It's beautiful; hope to see it in greater detail as I nearly wore the remote out stopping and starting the brief C&C glimpse.

By the way, have you been taking teasing lessons from Glenda??

acrylik said...

Lovely pics! That Grungeboard is so yummy. Look forward to seeing more :D