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Monday, April 09, 2007

Wow! Where did the Weekend Go?

In fact, where did the week go?
Last Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend a course with Linda at LB Crafts in Olney, Bucks. We are going to be stocking the 'Ten Second Studio' products at work (whoopee) and although I have seen Linda demonstrate the line in the past, I really did need to know more about them. It was a fab day and the products are so easy to use - they make you look really good! I couldn't wait to get home and play some more. I must say, LB Crafts is a wonderful place - full of inspiration for the serious crafter, both in the products they sell and the fabulous array of art work on display. If you are ever on the M1 and in the vicinity of Junction 14 - I think it is? (that's what comes of relying on your Tom Tom, you stop paying attention), make the detour. It's only about 10 minutes to Olney and well worth the effort, you won't be sorry! Well, your Bank Manager may well be but you won't!!!

It was a long drive back and although the M1 was extremely busy everything was moving - very quickly. The drive was uneventful and I was home in just 3 hours.
The rest of the week just evaporated and before I knew it Good Friday had arrived. I was very good, no big Easter Eggs this year except for some Chocolate Llindt Bunnies and Mini Egg selection that Glenda and Adrian very kindly bought us all, Yummy.

Friday brought pain........ I don't know what I've done but my back was playing me up and got worse throughout the day, so it was a pottering day for me. I popped out briefly to Staples to buy a Guillotine. It's an A4 Swordfish and I'm very impressed with it. I was cutting metal foil on the one that Linda has and I have to say it's the best I've ever used.

Saturday morning we were up with the larks but, ouch! ooooo! aghhh! trying to stand up was agony. We were planning a day out in York and I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. My back problem had got so much worse but I wasn't giving in. It may have taken me 10 minutes to get down the stairs and even longer to find a position that I could bear to sit in but I took some pain killers and Stuart said he would do the driving so I wasn't going to ruin our plans by giving in to it.

The weather was just fab. We got to York about 0845 and headed straight to Betty's for breakfast (via Borders of course, had to have something to read whilst we waited for our breaky). We then had a walk around the City and as usual it was full of visitors from afar - lots of American and Canadian accents to be heard around town. 'Gee man, have you ever seen such a skinny road' we heard one man declare in a southern drawl, 'do ya really think you could drive an automobile up there'? he said taking a photograph of the Shambles whilst the rest of his family stood shaking their heads with looks of disbelief on their faces. Well yes, the USA is the land of the 5 lane (and more) highways so it must have looked pretty scary I suppose.

There was a tremendous Easter Craft Market and the Yorkshire Farmers Market too. We came across the most wonderful stall selling silk/wool shawls and wraps. The colours drew my attention. Hot, vivid, sublime colours. I just had to touch and of course, once I had one in my hands I just had to have. My WH said, 'which colour do you like, I'll buy it for you'? So after a good 15 minutes of trying to determine what one would wear with each colour-way I finally settled on a two-way wrap that is hot red on one side and hot tangerine on the other and I made sure that I found out where to find the stall will be in the future. I can see that I am going to have to have more and have ear-marked at least another three.

We made our way back to the car parked in MaryGate. On the way back through the park I took some photos, it was so warm and the sky was cloud free, a perfect photo opportunity. Here's my WH
looking cool in his shades and a really cheeky squirrel who was playing hide and seek in the flower bed. I wish this photo was a 'smellygraph' because the aroma that the flowers were emitting was heavenly.
We then headed off the York Race Course where the Model Railway Exhibition was taking place over Easter. By now it was nearly noon and the show had been open since 1000 and there was still a Que to get in. Inside it was heaving but well worth it for Stuart. He has been waiting for Hornby to introduce the new DCC Elite system to the UK. He is a model railway enthusiast and is in the process of going digital (and this from a man who thinks 'computer' is a swear word)!

The first trade stand we visited said yes, they had the DCC Elite but hadn't brought it to the show and WH's face dropped. I could see that he didn't think he was going to get it here at the show. I however, am an optimistic shopper and we were on the ground floor with another 3 floors of trade stands and exhibits above our heads, so onwards and upwards. We found it! and WH's face lit up with glee. Bag after bag was added to the stash until we could carry no more and just had to collapse into the bar and hospitality area on the 3rd floor. Time for some liquid refreshments me thinks!

Even I managed to find a few things that I was looking for for the studio. I got some Hypo Glue which I've only ever found in the USA up to now, an Olfa Circle Cutter, a device with clamps for holding things (useful as an extra hand whilst soldering) and a few other bits and bobs. All in all it was a really great day which we both enjoyed!

The rest of the weekend has disappeared in a blur. Sunday I spent tidying the Studio that got blitzed whilst preparing for the last TV show. WH spent almost all day in his Signal Box playing trains (whoops, I mean serious set-up of the DCC system and track cleaning) leaves on the lines and all that sort of thing. We spent the evening having dinner with my parents. Managed to get started on some Ten Second Studio stuff when I got home though. I'll do some crafty photo's next time with the results.
Today has been a mammoth exercise in getting my Dad's PC on-line. We had to run a new phone line through first of all which took some time lifting carpets and floor boards and then putting it all back. Then we started to install the Internet software and make the Broadband connection. Of course, it is never as smooth as you expect it to be. Internet security and firewall made sure of that. After the fourth attempt and with everything disabled I finally managed to establish the connection and set up the email. So eight and a half hours later we got home and that was Easter gone for another year.
When's the next Bank Holiday.......................?