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Monday, June 25, 2007

Wherze I Bin?

Artistically speaking, I think I've been in outer space wandering and going nowhere. I seem to have completely lost my inspiration. Don't get me wrong, the ideas flow as fast as they ever have but by the time I get home and ready to start, my motivation has got up and gone without me.

I have been doing some arty work but nowhere near the amount I normally do. I dable at this and that but can't get really stuck into anything particular at the moment.

Just before taking some holidays from work I went to Paper Paradise in Grimsby to do a retailer demo day. It was fab! Sue and Paul are such lovely people and made me oh so welcome, as did all their customers. I was so surprised and delighted at the number of people who came and supported the event. It was a really enjoyable day!

Sue and Paul have been supporting a local charity event and have dedicated a huge amount of their time and energy to ensuring that it was a huge success. The event culminated in an auction evening. Elusive Images donated some great wood mounted stamps and I made a Stampbord necklace for the auction.
The event was incredibly successful and there is loads of info and pics over on their website do take a look, it's well worth it.

We didn't go away while on holiday, just days out here and there, mainly because kennels were fully booked. We went to Skipton and Harrogate and a couple of trips to York and Whitby.

Whitby always ends in dinner before coming home and The Magpie and Trenchers are just as good as they always have been. You still have to stand in line for the Magpie but it's worth it!

We went to the Railway Museum at York and had a tremendous day. My husband is a very keen (that's putting it mildly) model railway enthusiast. He also loves the real thing and this museum doesn't disappoint. Even it it's not your bag it's worth a visit. Just to stand along side one of these huge iron horses and wonder at the enormity of them........ I could almost feel the whoosh as they sped by........ it really took me back to my childhood.

The Flying Scotsman was in bits being completely overhauled but there were plenty of other exhibits to see. I was showing the photos to my parents after the visit and was reminded by my Mum that we had travelled on the Scotsman to Kings Cross on several occasions. Long before the days of British Midland to Heathrow! All I can say is 'thank God someone had the foresight to buy up and preserve these magnificent machines'. We had a truly wonderful day.

All too quickly, our leave was over and it was back to work. Now, that's not a bad thing as whilst I was off some fab stock arrived from the USA. 'Dreamcuts' and the 'Bind-It-All' from Zutter came in I couldn't wait to have a go and of course, I've just had to have one. This little machine has so much potential for scrappers and stampers alike. Just imagine, being able to make your own little books, of any size and thickness and containing just about anything you want. It will punch through and bind card, base board, chipboard and plastic including credit cards and CD's. Wow!

I have some stuff cut out for my first book and will post the results when I have something to show.