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Monday, April 04, 2011

Take a Break!

Yes, I am speaking literally on both counts as you will see if you stick with me and read on..........

First of all, I have taken quite a break from blogging as a result of several major occurrences that have been very much controlling my life over the last few months but the most recent event, in a perverse sort of way, has initiated my return to the blogasphere today.

I haven't been doing too much crafting either, at least not in the way I used to. I've been concentrating very much on art journalling, drawing, painting and designing, returning very much to the disciplines I used to love so much following my years studying Art and I'm loving it. You'll have to hold on for a little while to see some of the things I've been doing, there's a brand new collaborative blog on the horizon and when we're ready to share I'll put a link to it in the sidebar on here.

So, what has forced my hand and got me back here now you may ask?

Well it's the second of the breaks I mentioned........................ as you can see here:

Our poor 'little' man is in the wars. Yep, Diesel has broken his leg and it has to be a complicated fracture of course.

I underwent surgery at the beginning of March and was ready to start with some gentle exercise to begin building up my stamina  again and with the improvement in the weather over the last couple of few weeks what better way than to get out and about walking with Diesel. We've been taking it gently and last Tuesday it was so lovely and warm that we deviated from our walking routine and went for a romp in the field behind our house.

Diesel will do anything for a ball, he likes the type attached to a short rope as they can be thrown further and he gets a really good fast run. We take two and I throw one which he retrieves and as he returns it to me I throw the next one in another direction, he drops the first one as he goes  past me and chases the second one and so it goes on. To cut a long story short, he'd had a good run and I decided just a couple more throws then I'd put him back on his lead and we'd return home. He was still booling along at a rapid rate of knots when he sighted where the next ball had landed and without dropping any speed he turned and grabbed for the ball, his left front leg went down under him in the turn and the rest of his weight followed and he yelled out but he picked himself up together with the ball and came limping back. I checked him over, couldn't feel anything too obvious so we slowly walked home.

He rested but it was clear that things weren't improving, his limp was more pronounced and the leg was very swollen so I rang his vet and made an appointment to go in that evening. They checked him over and gave him some anti-inflammatory tablets and pain killers.... exactly the same pain killers that I take for my knee. We were told that he was to have nothing to eat after 8pm and we were to take him back at 8.30 Wednesday morning for a general anaesthetic and a full set of X-rays.

We went to collect him Wednesday evening and Rob discussed the results of the films with us, it clearly showed a complicated fracture just where the long bone attaches to what we'd call the wrist joint. Apparently, this type of break is hardly ever seen in pet dogs and occurs more in racing dogs.... well, what a surprise! Diesel's leg was in a pot with a lovely pale purple dressing with blue spots, very fetching. The prognosis: they will repeat the anaesthetic and X-rays in five days time and if there's an improvement and the bones are growing together they will re-pot it and let it heal. If there's no improvement or the bones have got further apart then it will mean an operation to pin the joint together and we were told to prepare ourselves as in most cases this type of fracture requires surgery.

We also had a little plastic boot to put over the pot to protect it from moisture as the nice weather had now turned showery. You can see his other leg has a small shaved area where they inserted the drip to keep his organs supported during the anaesthetic, recommended for dogs over the age of eight. We left with strict instructions that he was to be kept quiet and have restricted movement until his return the following Monday (today).

Keeping Diesel quiet and still is a total impossibility and I stand more of a chance of winning the Euro Lottery than I ever do of restricting his movement. I slept downstairs with him in case he needed help in the night. Every time he tried to lay down the cast got in the way and he got stuck but eventually he settled. I heard my husbands alarm clock go off at 0545 in the morning and before I could make a grab for Diesel, to my horror, he was off up the stairs to get him up!

So lesson learned, we blocked the stairs with a fold up table so he couldn't do it again and Thursday night I stayed down with him just to be on the safe side. The alarm goes off on Friday morning and what does he do? Yep.... he jumped the table complete with pot, landed half way up the stairs and was off again. Result.... one broken pot right where the fracture is! Back we went to the vets.

He went in again today as planned and the news isn't good I'm afraid. There's no improvement (why am I not surprised?) So he will be going in for an operation on Wednesday to have the fracture pinned. He won't have to have another pot, it will be well bandaged and supported for approximately four weeks and all in all, recuperation will be ten weeks during which time he is to be kept quiet and have restricted movement.... arghhhhhhhh can you hear me screaming? Funny moment from today: Rob tells us Diesel is the only dog they've known to not only break the pot but to completely snap the strong plastic cradle that they use as a splint inside the bandages.... that's my Boy!

He was still feeling sleepy when we got home so after he'd been fed he laid down and had a snooze (thank goodness). The nurses decided on a nice turquoise pot with blue stars this time. They were going to put a white one on with pink hearts! 

You can see how bleary eyed he is here and he's still trying to fight it. This lad never gives in!

"If only I can keep my eyes open I might be able to get her to play ball"

There, I'm awake Mum let's play..... pleeease!

I'll keep you up to date with how he gets on this week and I'll have some arty things to share next time too.