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Monday, January 28, 2008

Resolution: Don't Agonise - ORGANISE!

Well, it's been a busy old weekend with some very enjoyable hi-lights. Sunday morning I zipped up the A1M to the Metro Centre where 'the girls' from work were all meeting for a shopping expedition. Of course, it had to start with coffee and sticky 'things' in M&S Cafe - courtesy of Emma... thanks Emma, it was yummy. Then we were off to enjoy ourselves.

We were five on a mission and we found some bargain jewellery pieces just right for zapping with alcohol inks and mixing with Stampbord and we did an awful lot of 'hat trying on'. Not sure why as at least three of us were looking for foot wear, but the hats were a riot and everyone suited them, well most of them. I did have my camera in my bag but thought I should be restrained, after all, someone else may have had their camera too and I sure didn't fancy being immortalised in some of the concoctions I tried on!

Inevitably, I found my way to the Paper Mill Shop and bought a box of card for some book projects I'm into at the moment but more of that later in the week. I ended up going home via Team Valley and the HobbyCraft store and bagged myself a few more bargains. I'll post some photo's soon.

I have been doing a lot of re-organising in my craft room of late and trying to make more room to work. It's pretty impossible really and I have come to the conclusion that I need to do something radical like move or extend? Must give it some serious thought! But in the mean time, I've thrown loads of stuff out, given some stuff away and put some larger things that don't get used too often in the loft. It's helped a little and at least I have a clean work top and can see what's on my shelves again. I have a real problem with MESS! If my work area is in a mess then so is my brain and thought process so I am going to make a huge effort this year to really organise my work area, storage systems and access to equipment. Hence, my new years resolution: Don't Agonise - ORGANISE!

While I was tidying I came across some art work that I'd stuffed into a little suitcase bought for altering but ideal for storing goodies:-

This piece was made quite a few years ago and is a Carousel of Fashion using Hero Arts 'Ladies' stamps and lots of other stamps to build the collaged background. I really enjoyed making this and finished it with little tags instead of Carousel horses.

I mentioned earlier that I am working on some book projects...... I have always loved making books of all descriptions and I love to try new techniques and styles. Here is a selection of books ranging from the tiny 'Domino' books (courtesy of the wonderful Mr Holtz's Creative Journey DVD), an accordion type book which is double sided and two hand stitched Coptic books. With the exception of the Domino Books, all of the others were made at an Artist's Retreat I attended three years ago, generously organised and hosted by Glenda Waterworth. It was an amazing three days stuffed full of fantastic creative workshops with very talented tutors. The Coptic Book Workshop was taught by Susie Jefferson and the accordion style pull-out book was a workshop taught by the fabulously talented Helen Chilton. Happy Days!

This is a pull out Tag Book made a little more recently. I adore working with tags of all shapes and sizes and a great way of binding a series of tags is in one of these little (or not so little) books.

This is the spine of the book with all of its wonderful silk ribbons cascading from the concertina spine.Opened out, it displays the full series of 12 tags. This one was based upon travel destinations. The tags have been distressed and stamped using Distress Inks and the surface was sealed with a Tea Dye varnish before applying the embellishments. The reverse side of the tags were all painted with Lumiere Paints in bronze and coral shades. Yum!


artyfartykat said...

Sounds like you had a fab girly day out!
Your books are beautiful Lynn, I'd forgotten all about those fab workshops, wouldn't it be brill to do more of the same?!

Lynn W. said...

Ooooooh I just love all those beautiful books Lynn! Lucky you - I've always wanted to go on a stamping retreat!

Lynn x

th.chilton said...

I'd forgotten about them too - we had a laugh didn't we!!! Joanna nearly poked someone's eye out with her bookbinding needle!!
Love that tag book Lynn. Just sent Glenda some tags using the Glimmer Mists - some of the colours in that collection are amazing!
Helen C.

acrylik said...

Oooh, what wonderful artwork to drool over! It was a great day out at the Metro, really enjoyed myself. We shall have to do something similar again.

I am like you, if my workspace is cluttered then so is my mind - I always feel so much more creative after a tidy up.

deb said...

I came across your blog from a link on the Artylicious blog. I love the work I've seen, your books are stunning.

I hope you don't mind if I link your blog on mine so I can keep checking back.

Sarah said...

Gorgeous pieces of Art.