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Monday, January 21, 2008

Festive Review - Christmas 2007: Part Two

I'm back with part two of my review of Christmas but it seems so long ago now. My, how a few weeks really moves things along but it's nice to look back and it's a great record for next year when I can't remember how I had certain things arranged.

I have already mentioned Christmas/Family Traditions and one that goes way back in our family are these:-
it takes me back to a time when there was only the BBC or ITV to choose from and they both had their own programme magazine. We used to wait eagerly for them to arrive at the newsagents to rush out and buy the TV Times for ITV and the Radio Times for BBC programmes over Christmas. Then, we would sit down and go through them cover to cover, picking out all of the festive programmes and films we wanted to sit down and watch and do you know...... I still do it today! Even though each magazine printed seems to cover all the stations, including most of the main satellite channels, I still rush out and buy both of these - it's the tradition you see!!! I have to admit, I don't get to watch half of what I carefully hi-lite in bright pink marker, too busy shopping and cooking and getting everything ready but it's fun and it's part of our Christmas tradition. As are these:-

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without these three films.

Another family tradition that goes way back to when I was a little girl is always having a new nighty or pajamas to wear on Christmas Eve and Mum making up our beds with freshly laundered linen...... something else I've continued in our home. This year, I came across some fantastic bed linen - a 1000 thread count no less. Oh Bliss! Together with a feather bed (a Christmas pressy to myself and DH) it makes getting out of bed on a cold winter morning even more difficult than normal.

One of the last jobs on Christmas Eve is to make up the bed (it's actually the penultimate job as this year I didn't have any of the pressies wrapped in advance) and then climb into fresh PJ's, pour a glass of Champagne and sit down to all the wrapping.

Christmas Cards and Candles.... are a must. I love writing out my Christmas Cards, it's one of the few opportunities I have in this age of email and phones, to sit down (with a little glass of something of course) a beautiful writing implement (I love proper PENS)! and write to family and friends and watch the little pile of envelopes grow into a heap. All of this is enhanced by candle light and the magnificent fragrance from the Yankee Candles which burn in just about every room in the house over the holiday season.

I love receiving Christmas Cards too and really look forward to hearing all the news from friends near and far. It's a great time of the year to catch up with everyone I haven't heard from in a while.

The Tree in the Lounge
The hall is all ready with its much smaller tree and swagged staircase just waiting for Santa to arrive! He has to use the front door as we don't have a proper chimney (tee hee).

....... and finally, Santa was very generous to Diesel,

he got squeaky toys in abundance (UGH)! A football, rugby ball, base ball, ball in a net, edible treats and this......

can you believe this?

Yep! it's dog beer and it even has a German Shepherd on the label! We thought it was so appropriate for Diesel as he helped himself to a crate of 24 John Smiths Extra Smooth when he was just a pup... but that's a whole other story. This one is very definitely NON ALCOHOLIC!


Lynn W said...

It looks like you had a lovely Christmas Lynn!

Apart from sharing the same name, we seem to have a lot of other things in common too. Christmas isn't Christmas without the Radio Times is it? We also have a family tradition that my daughter is allowed to open one gift on Christmas Eve - and it's always new PJ's or a nightie! She told me this year that she loves it when I give her fresh sheets and she has new nightclothes as that signal's the start of Christmas for her! I've just realised that it sounds like I only change the sheets once a year !!! lol

I usually wrap presents up on Christmas Eve too - well into the early hours usually. I think it would take me a lot longer if I drank Champagne at the same time!

I think it's lovely to uphold traditions, especially at Christmas - long may it continue!

Lynn W x

artyfartykat said...

Thanks for the beautiful pics of your fabulously decorated home. It looks so warm and cosy looking, makes me feel Chrismassey even in January!
Re new PJs, tradition in our family is to wear them on Christmas Day night!
One tradition we have is to read Twas The Night Before Christmas poem on Christmas Eve. I love this poem, it evokes such strong thoughts and memories.
I LOVE a traditional Christmas!!! And I also LOVE Diesel and his beer, what a brill pressie! Alfie loves a little tipple, so he would LOVE the beer!!

acrylik said...

Ooooh, what a wonderful read and wonderful pics to go with it Lynn, brought back lots of happy Christmas memories. You are right, traditions have to be kept up at that time of year, I love them!

Stunning decorations, and I love the idea of you sitting down comfortably with a glass of something to write your cards, that might be one tradition I have to start :)

Hope Diesel enjoyed his beer!