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Monday, January 07, 2008

Festive Review - Christmas 2007: Part One

(This could be quite lengthy so I'm going to split it up and look at before and after Christmas in different posts).

Well, where did it go?

The decorations have all been taken down, dusted off and safely stowed away in the loft until the next time. We were all packed up in plenty of time to comply with the tradition of 12th Night... but only just!

I really don't like it when people start taking down decorations early. Some homes in our neighbourhood took down their displays almost straight after Christmas and others waited until New Years Day. There were about half a dozen houses within view of ours that left everything in place until 12th Night which I whole'heartedly agree with. Christmas has become very commercialised and it is nice to preserve some of the original traditions of the festive season. It also takes so long to get everything in place and looking just right, that it is such a shame not to be able to enjoy it for as long as possible.

I like to maintain as many 'Traditions' as possible so that Christmas doesn't just become a huge eating and money-spending binge, although we do enough of that too but in proportion.

Sunday 23rd December, 2007

Dressing the outside of the house is just as important as the inside and I love to have a beautiful fresh green wreath hanging on the front door. This year, the ready-made wreaths were so expensive and as I love flower arranging I decided to make my own. The photo's not too good and I had been up all night decorating the tree in the lounge before I sat down to make this........

but I was really pleased with the result and the bow behaved perfectly when I put it together. So while I was on a roll, I made one for my parents door too. I raided the garden for greenery and added in some Laurel and some Mock Orange Blossom as I didn't have any more pine cones. I was so surprised when I went out with the secateurs to find blossom buds on the Mock Orange Blossom bush, it was so Christmassy.

Things I Love About Christmas:

Being with my Family

Family Traditions

Snowstorms, Freshly Fallen Snow and Frosty Days

Decorating the home and trimming the tree

Christmas Music to trim the tree by

Mugs of steaming Hot Chocolate


Long walks with my husband and dog

Choosing gifts and wrapping them

these are just a few of 'my favourite things'!

Finishing touches were put to the decorations in the dining room. The Christmas Tree and illuminated swag above the french windows were joined by hand-blown clear glass baubles which contain solid glass features in the centre....

there's a star in one, a very delicate snowflake and a dapper snowman all suspended by invisible thread from the chandelier. It looks really beautiful at night when the chandelier is on but dimmed to a low level and it hangs centrally over the dining table creating quite a focal point whilst sitting at the table.

Here is the bauble laden swag that dresses the fireplace in the lounge with stockings hung at either side......

and the main tree which stands in a corner of the lounge waiting for all of the presents to be placed beneath it.

And finally, the front entrance taken at night. The door is surrounded by a greenery swag which has pine cones, black berries, twigs and cinnamon sticks wired into it and lots of tiny white fairy lights to create a welcoming entrance.


artyfartykat said...

Wow Lynn, what beautiful decorations! They all look stunning but I especially love the baubles hanging from the chandeliers, they look so delicate and elegant. What else would I expect from you! ;)

Lynn W said...

What beautiful decorations Lynn! I love the front door. We only took ours down last night (twelfth night) - the last card was down at 11.45 pm - talk about last minute!

Lynn x

acrylik said...

Wow! Absolutely stunning, Lynn. I think my especial favourite is your wreath, it looks just beautiful. Looking forward to reading more.

UK MUM IN USA said...

Your decorations are gorgeous. I love what you did with the chandelier and will have to have a go at doing that to mine next year, we also don't take our decorations down until 12th night.Your wreaths are gorgeous and I bet your parents were pleased.

Jenny Z said...

Lovely wreaths and decorations Lynn, and what a brilliant idea hanging the baubles from the chandeliers. I will definately do that next year. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
Jenny Z x

Anonymous said...

Lynn, every one of your decorations is wonderful!

The decorations are my favourite part of Christmas apart from family and our best friends and I too think the outside is just as important as the inside. In some ways moreso because more people see and get pleasure from the outside.

We live in a small cul-de-sac of bungalows and most of us make an effort but a few of us are positively addicted (me for one). However, I think my hubbie and I are the only ones still switching the lights on after New Year's Eve which I find really disappointing.

Apart from the tradition of 12th Night, as you say, it takes so long to put them up (my hubbie always tacks a couple of days holiday onto the first weekend in December) I like them to brighten the dreariness for as long as possible.

Hope your Christmas and New Year were as wonderful as your deccies

Lesley X