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Monday, February 04, 2008

German Shepherd v Pigeon

A week ago today just after lunch, my dog Diesel was standing at the back door asking to be let out into the garden. I was busy in the kitchen and watched him wander out onto the patio. He was standing at the top of three steps which lead down onto the garden area surveying his territory and I was about to return to what I was doing when all of a sudden I saw him launch himself into the air.... up, up he soared and at that moment, I realised what he was doing.

A very large, plump wood pigeon was swooping down from the Maple tree and was aiming to clear the 7 foot fence around the garden when it was grabbed, unceremoniously by a huge black dog.... yes this is a dog not a cat!

Diesel at Christmas - Looking quite Angelic!

Diesel landed gracefully in the lower garden and there was this poor bird, it's wings still flailing madly as it tried in vain to extracate itself from the jaws of the monster which had it in his grips.

I'm afraid this is one of Diesel's more unsavoury traits and one which he has possessed since being just a little pup. Within a couple of weeks of getting him he was chasing small birds. I used to scream at him to 'LEAVE' and he would stop momentarilly, look at the mad woman who was bellowing insanely, look at the little birds and decide it was much more fun to carry on chasing the poor little things than to give in and heel. My husband said, 'don't worry, he'll never catch one'! Huh, within the week he was proudly walking around with the first little brown bird in his mouth.

Fortunately, he has a very soft mouth and hardly ever 'closes' his jaws. He really is a gently giant. But the little birds don't know that and of course, they are petrified and more likely to die of fright than from any damage Diesel would inflict. Once shouted at, he will instantly release the poor little thing and leave me with a quivering ball of wet feathers.

Back to last Monday, and once again I shouted in my most authoratative voice for him to leave, he gently put the bird down and having seen the look on my face, flew past me and into the house. The pigeon was obviously hurt, it's wing dragging along the ground as it tried to get away from me.

I decided to leave it to calm down as it was now sitting in the flower bed in the warmth of the afternoon sun. I checked on it several times and it was still alive but had only moved a couple of yards. I had to go out later in the afternoon and left instructions for my husband to tell him not to let the dog out into the garden when he got home, but to wait 'till I got back.

When I did arrive home, it was dark. We took a torch and went all around the garden checking under the bushes and all appeared well. Mr Pigeon must have regained the use of his wing sufficiently to escape the confines of the garden. All was well!

Tuesday morning whilst in the bathroom getting ready for work I heard a commotion and my husband shouting for me to help him. Yes! Diesel had found the bird again. It must have taken refuge down the side of the house when dusk fell and had found safety amongst some bricks which are stacked up against the wall. Diesel, the little blighter, had him in his mouth again. Once again, he let him go and proudly trotted off for his morning walk leaving me to find a box and make a temporary home for the bird.

We did'nt really know what to do as both of us were about to leave for work. My husband's sister has a wild pigeon that she has nursed back to health and the bird has stayed with them. So we rang Susan and asked if she could help. Mr Pigeon was safely transported in the box and transferred to a large cage at my sister-in-laws house.

She is brilliant with all creatures, great and small. I visited today and found Mr Pigeon doing well, he's eating and drinking and his wing is not as low on the ground as it was. He seems to be able to flap it but it still has a droop. He is being kept company by Susan's pigeon which is in the cage below him. Hearing the other bird coooing has calmed him down and he appears to be doing well. There is no sign of any puncture wounds from Diesel's teeth and we are hoping that he will soon be well enough and strong enough to be released........ well away from our house I hasten to add. I just hope he isn't a 'homing' pigeon!!!

Mr Pigeon - Today in his Cage!

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Barbara D said...

The poor little thing - you are so brave in dealing with the aftermath! I love most creatures but must admit that when I come face to face with them in my home or garden (nasty past experiences!) it is a different matter and I just freeze and can't handle it! Hope Mr Pigeon recovers. Naughty, naughty Diesel but what an acrobat!