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Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday - A Day of Three Halves (I know it should be thirds, but it doesn't sound right)!

Sunday started well...... the sun was shining beautifully if not a little icy but it soon melted and there really was some warmth in the sun for most of the day. I got a lot done in the morning and most of the afternoon - work stuff, but it went well. Until it came to driving home from Barnard Castle and that's when things changed with a 'Bang'!

Now, to explain a little about 'sods law', it goes like this.... Knowing that I have a long trip to do by road at the end of the week, on Saturday morning I popped my car down to my friendly, local tyre shop and asked them to check it over for me. I've had to put air in the front tyres several times over the winter and they always look a little flat to me. I know low profile tyres are supposed to look like that but....

Anyway, they said the back ones were absolutely fine but I should start to think about changing the front ones. 'Fine' says me, order them up. 'Come in on Monday and we'll have them for you by early afternoon' they say. That's great! I've used this garage for many years and if they say I should have tyres then I should have tyres. They have always be extremely honest and trust worthy and as I'm driving two other people to Birmingham for the trade show at the weekend, I'd rather be safe than sorry. I do an awful lot of miles in the space of a week and at quite high speed most of the time. So off I go happy in the thought that I've taken care of that before anything untoward happens.

So back to Sunday afternoon, I'm tootling along with the sun sinking low in the bright blue sky, I've done everything I set out to do and I'm enjoying the drive. Flying past all the Sunday drivers, boy does this little car motor. I call it my 'Pocket Rocket' you know. Then, hey! what was that? Something feels mighty strange whoho..... my car doesn't normally feel like this and what's that noise? Something's definitely wrong. Oh boy, is it ever - yeh! you've guessed it. My nearside tyre has blown and there's a gash some 10 centimeters long on the edge of the tyre.

My wonderful husband sorts it out for me but I have to drive on one of those horrid solid spare wheel thingies that has been hiding under the carpet in the boot. My car has low profile, wide wheels and I'm used to it cornering like it's on rails. Not on this 'thing' it doesn't. At one point I almost take an iron railing with me going round a corner and I wasn't even driving fast. So that's the second half of the day taken care of.

Last week I told you the tale of the Pigeon and about my sister-in-law taking it in and caring for it. Well, Susan and her husband Howard, have been to Otterburn (Sunday morning) to collect a little baby Chihauhuas - I think that's how you spell it. It's how I spell it if it's wrong.

So Sunday evening we set off to go and visit Susan and Howard, Mr Pigeon and welcome the Pup and we arrive in one piece despite the solid lump of rubber that's a poor excuse for a tyre. (Shouldn't moan really - at least I'm still mobile)!

The trauma of the afternoon just melts away when I'm handed this wonderful little bundle of fur.... let me introduce you to Rupert!

Isn't he adorable? I am so used to big dogs, I've always had Afghan Hounds or German Shepherds, my Mum and Dad have Rotties so this little mite just seems so tiny. Let me tell you, what he lacks in size he sure makes up for in peronality and ghusto. Susan's other dog is a Tibetan Spaniel and little Rupert was really giving him what for. But it wasn't long before he was pooped and he crashed out on my lap.......

He really made himself at home and I didn't want to give him back. This little chap is going to be loved so much. Susan and Howard lost their beautiful Chihauhuas 'Peanut' just before Christmas in very sad circumstances and with very little warning. He was a rescue dog who had been very badly treated and when he came to live with them he had hardly any fur and could barely put one foot in front of the other without falling over. They sorted him out very quickly and he was a little treasure who we all miss dearly.

So I have no doubt that Rupert is going to capture everyones heart - he already has mine!
Unfortunately, I had to give him back and here he is in his own little house. It's really a cat house but shush! don't tell him that. Mr Pigeon is doing well too, he's settled in really well and looks a lot more relaxed. His wing is still not fully repaired but it's improving. So it has been a nice end to a day of three halves!

Here are a few more pieces of Stampbord from the Stampbord Sampler that I finished last Monday. I will post a pic of the completed piece soon..... promise!


Lynn W said...

Wow Lynn, I love your stampbord samples and what you've done with Tim's Fragments. Looking forward to seeing the full project.

Lynn x

acrylik said...

Blimey - what a weekend! I am so glad you are safe and sound after the tyre blowout.

Rupert is absolutely adorable! And my cats are jealous of his little house!

It's great to see all those close-ups of your artwork, Lynn, they look fantastic. I really enjoyed looking at all the detail.

CA xx

UK MUM IN USA said...

Your stampboard samples are gorgeous.