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Monday, October 20, 2008

Kindness In Abundance

I must start by saying a big hello and thank you to everyone who left a message over the last week. Your good wishes and helpful suggestions have really lifted my spirits. The knees and back haven't improved much but I feel so much better knowing that there are so many lovely people out there who firstly, so unselfishly care about others and secondly.... visit my blog! A huge thank you. If kind thoughts could make you better I'd be the fittest person around.

One good thing has come out of last week: the back pain is all being caused by the problems I have with my knees. Some weeks ago I was given the results of the x-rays I had taken and it appears that it's got a lot worse than it was a few years back. I now have chronic osteo-arthritis in both knees.... no surprises there! What has changed is that I have been referred to a specialist clinic and now have my appointment date to be assessed - yey! I'll keep you posted.

I'm sorry I didn't get back to update my blog during the week. Sitting at the computer for any length of time has been difficult and that goes for sitting in my work room too. So not a lot of what I set my sights at a week ago has been achieved. I have chosen little things to work on that I can do sitting where I can be comfortable. Stampbord needs very little room to work on and that's one of the things I have finished....

This is a piece that I originally designed as a workshop piece for Elusive Images's Retailer Training event earlier this year. It is an articulated pin made from a domino sized piece and a 1" square piece of Stampbord. I used Ranger's Distress Ink Pads to colour the Stampbord and stamped the images with Archival Black ink. The stamps are all from the Antiquities themeplate (one of my favourites for this type of work).

I added some embellishments: the 'heavenly' word is a pre-etched Creative Acrylics piece that has been over written with the white Inkessentials pen and attached with Glossy Accents. The brads have had most of the struts cut off with wire cutters (just leave a millimetre or two) then the holes in the acrylic piece have been filled with Glossy Accents and the brads set into it.

I finished the pieces with some white rub-ons and a domed letter. The outside edges of the Stampbord have been coloured black using a Sharpie pen. My trusty Crop-A-Dile chomped the holes and set the eyelets to link the pieces together and I attached a sticky-backed broach pin to the back of the main piece!

I have been doing a little bit more to the canvas I showed you in the previous post and I now know exactly how I'm going to finish it. I may get some more done this evening with a little luck.

What else has been happening this week? Well, it was Diesel's Birthday and boy did he know it - he was full of it. My parents bought him a 'giggle' ball. He absolutely lives to play. I suppose being a German Shepherd it's in-built in him... after all, that's exactly how Police dogs are trained - everything is a game. I'm sorry to say the giggle didn't last long, within minutes of giving it to him he'd fathomed out what was making the noise and removed it. He takes the 'squeaks' out of all his chewy toys too! Funny thing is, he doesn't destroy the toy - just the noise.

As a tribute to the birthday boy.......

The photo of him was obviously not taken on his birthday! It's cold in the North East but not quite this cold...... yet! I finished this layout for Glenda's Winter Glimmer TV show recorded a couple of weeks ago and I used some of the Glimmer Chips (the icicles across the top) and the Glimmer Glass (fancy corners and the articulated hanging snowflakes).

He loves the snow and always manages to come in covered in it and with a little 'heap' on his nose where he tries to push it around.

And finally, how fast is this month going? I sat down to prepare my working timetable in the run up to Christmas and was horrified at how little time I have to get so many things done. I always do a three month planner on the PC for October, November and December. I fill in all of the work related dates first and then anything that I have to travel for and finally, any personal dates that need time allocating to them. I then look at what's left..... and finally at my list of all the jobs that I have to do in the house to get it ready for the festivities and the two just don't correlate... nowhere near. Oh dear, I feel a headache coming on!

But you have to start somewhere and on Sunday afternoon, just before the shops shut, DH and I rushed out to an out-of-town shopping centre where there's a Borders book shop. So while he went into Borders I headed for TK Maxx and they had just set up their Christmas department. It was lovely to browse while it was quiet and I couldn't resist this......

.... just what I needed to get me full swing into the preparations, I'll catch up in no time (knees and back permitting). I wish I had time to decorate the house for the fall. Some of my American blogging friends do the most beautiful things to their homes and one of these years... yeh, I know - you've heard it all before! But I will..... one day! But for now, I will just enjoy the beauty of the season and the wonderful colours it brings.

Have fun and Happy Crafting!


craftimamma said...

Oh Lynn, you know you shouldn't mention TKMaxx to me. I feel a visit coming on as I haven't been for a couple of weeks.

I'm sorry you're not feeling a whole lot better physically but I hope we can all help to keep you feeling as cheerful and positive as you sound.

Love the Stampbord piece and I can't wait to see my particular favourite, the canvas.

Lesley XX

claggybitz said...

We can both stagger up the stairs together, you push me and I'll pull you. How's that for team work.
Hope Diesel enjoyed his birthday, love the church.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynn

(and fellow sufferer!) I do feel for you and hope you feel some relief soon. Your projects are always a true inspiration and just recently I attempted a replica of your Craft Stamper front cover project. It was obviously nowhere near your standard but I was very pleased with myself and thrilled when my friend asked if she may have it as a Christmas stocking filler for her daughter - my first ever commission of sorts! I have just started to suffer interminably with my hands so the knees have definitely become history to moan about - besides who else but a complete nutcase would buy a 3 storey house to live in when you are an arthritis sufferer? Keep smiling!! And keep the wonderful art coming.

Margy xxx

Veronica said...

Fabulous pics of your work - I love them. I am housebound at the moment so know how you feel. Just keep crafting, it will lift your spirits


Vron xx

cazzie said...

Just wanted to say love the scrapbook page of Diesel and look forward to seeing your finished canvas. Thanks for the sympathetic comments you left on my blog last week regarding my dog, also the nice comments you made about some of my work.

veronica said...

Diesel relly seems to be having fun - lovely page, hope it makes it to the tv! Glad you are seeing a specialist- friend has just had both knees replaced,is doing fine: just the thought of less pain is working wonders!

Phree said...

Glad to hear the knees have eased a bit that the doctor's are trying to do something for you. If nothing else, perhaps they can refer you to a pain managment clinic.

Love your articulated tag, and that little church you bought. Deisel looks very handsome, and the the photo reminded me of how my Sheppie used to adore playing in the snow, he too would come home with a little pile of snow on his snoot.

Deby said...

Oh Lynn - still wishing we could all take just some of your pain away x Let's hope we can at least put a smile on your face x

Fingers crossed that the specialist clinic has a lasting solution and some decent pain management for you x

Your stampboard as ever is yummy scrummy - where do you get the Rub-ons ? or is that a daft question !

Diesel looks to be having a great time with that snow, going by how cold it is at the moment we will probably be in for some sooner than later. Give him a belated pat for me .

Now is the church going to saty like that or is it in for some of your crafting ?

Take care x

Deby x

Bird said...

Hope you get some relief from your pain very soon Lynn. Keep taking the TKMaxx tonic.

Loved the stampbord pin and Diesel's birthday card.


Moira said...

Your scrapbook page of Diesel is wonderful, he is such a handsome dog I bet he makes for a lot of great pictures and a lot of great scrapping opportunities. I am just sitting down to do a layout or two of my two bundles of furry energy, but I can spend hours just stroking the papers trying to decide which ones to use! Hope the knees get good treatment and looking forward to the workshop next weekend.

Monica said...

Helo and thank you so much for cometing on my blog, I had to come by, the mention of another Sheperd meant I couln't resist and what a gorgeous boy Diesel is, bet he loved his birthday. Monica xxx