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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Have You Seen the Headlines?

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with not a lot of time for crafting on a personal level as I have been knee deep in prepping up workshops and teaching of late.

Thursday saw us having fun with concertina albums filled with interactive tags. We used book board, some fab papers, lots of glue, Tim Hotlz’s Hitch fasteners, stitched envelopes some great fibre ribbons, brads, tags, hessian and a whole heap more super stuff. I have to say the finished pieces were incredible.... really neat work and a lovely bunch of crafters made it such a super day.

The weather was extremely unkind to us on Saturday, it was simply vile but despite the conditions we had people who travelled from far and wide... by train, on the motorway and across country to attend the Waxing Lyrical workshop. We had a blast and it goes without saying that Canvas and Wax was involved, you may have read about it in the newspaper yesterday......

......ummmmm! I shall say no more. If you would like to see the results of the workshop hop on over to the Graphicus Blog here and take a look.

I have been giving a lot of thought to the Christmas preparations that lie ahead and really must start to get cracking on jobs that need to be done this month, where the days are going I just don't know. Christmas Eve is seven weeks tomorrow - aghhhhh! I've got a few ideas in mind for recording events throughout December and I'll share them with you as soon as I have something to show you.

One of the girls on Saturday's workshop has finished all of her Christmas Cards! Oh how I wish I was that organised. One of the few things I've made with a seasonal flavour so far is the Glimmer Mist and Glimmer Chips tag tree:

Just a small selection of tags made with Glimmer Mists, Glimmer Screens, Glimmer Chips and some of the new Elusive Images Christmas rubber stamp themeplates. This was such a fun project to do and has loads of scope for Christmas banners, gift tags or even hanging tree decorations for the 'real' tree. The reverse side of the tags were all covered with papers printed from the Artylicious Season's Greetings CD Rom.

If you've already visited the Graphicus Blog to take a look at what we were doing on Saturday, you will have seen the canvas I was working on:

I have included a couple more shots here so that you can see some of the detail on the canvas, such as this cute little bird nesting in a bed of feathers, waxed and etched back....

.... images stamped onto tissue paper and applied with hot wax so that they look almost transparent on the canvas....

....stencilling with Stewart Gill's 'Galactica' applied with a pallet knife, yumm....

....dripped wax, Pearly Doodles with bronze beads and oil pastels! I will finish this piece soon now that I know exactly where I'm going with it and I'll let you see the finished results.

Happy Crafting!


craftimamma said...

Lynn, I for one had a fab time on Saturday (didn't even notice the weather really). I would love to make some Christmas canvasses for my 'special people' but don't think I'm going to get time. Maybe save that idea for next year.

I really wanted to do the concertina album workshop but living so far away, couldn't fit them both in one week. Hopefully, next time.

The newspaper article is very clever! and the Tag Tree is even more gorgeous 'in the flesh'.


Veronica said...

WOW all of this work looks fabulous - I am, sooo jealous. I would love to come to a workshop, but can't travel, so I look at the results with great interest. Loads of inspiration there.
Great work ladies!!


Vron xx

Phree said...

I do love that tag tree, as Lesley said it's even more fabulous in the flesh. I have to echo Lesley again about wanting to do the concertina album workshop, but as I had to pick only 1 more appart from the Glimmer Mist day, I decided to go for the Concertina Keepsake one later this month - really looking forward to that one!

acrylik said...

Hehe, love the newspaper article!

Those tags are just gorgeous, and really festive. How are your Christmas prepaations going?!?

Loving the canvas, look forward to seeing more of that.

Moira said...

Lynn a rather late thanks for the workshop last weekend, I have since added a few things to complete the canvas. I decided to give it to my husband for his birthday which was yesterday and as he does read my blog I couldn't load the completed canvas till today. Love the newspaper cutting I shall have to print it off for DH. The tags tree is divine I didn't take it in last weekend what with all the messing about with paint and stuff! Once again many thanks

Bird said...

So glad you've included detailed shots of the tag tree Lynn, I only caught a glimpse of it on the Winter Glimmer show. The tags are just gorgeous and, your canvas looks amazing. As ever, your work never fails to delight. Thank you for your inspiration.