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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Friends In Art

Today was World Card Making Day! (It's the early hours of Sunday morning now so really it should by 'Yesterday' was World Card Making Day). I had intended to make cards and took myself of to my work room quite early in the day. After all, the weather was miserably and cold so I didn't feel guilty spending it crafting.

Glenda has a new TV show to film on Tuesday and I needed to get on with some samples for it that I have in production. The stamps being featured on the show are brand new Christmas stamps from Elusive Images and they are great fun to work with. Here's a card I made earlier in the week with products that are going to be featured on the show.....

It's quite unusual for me to work with pink, not one of my usual colours. There are three sets of Glimmer Mists featuring in the product line-up and I had all of the colours at home to work with. I had to start somewhere, so I just dipped into the box and picked one without looking and it was 'Pink Taffy', and that was what set the ball rolling.

Anyhow, back to today. I had a bit of mess to clear away before I could get started and to get me in the mood for working with Christmas stamps I decided instead of music, I would play this in the studio:

I love this film, a real 'feel good' movie with some lovely winter scenes. If you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth a watch. OK, so the movies on, I've cleaned away all the clutter and just have to put a couple of sets of stamps away I was working with during the week and I can get started, the only problem is the stamps are like magnets and my hand is stuck fast to them. They are screaming 'use me' and guess what? I get completely side tracked and set about making a set of tags, first with the Eccentric Edwardian themeplate and then with Paris Memories.

It's very difficult to make out in the photo, but I added some Glossy Accents to the clock face so that it would look like glass.

Then I moved on to the Paris themeplates, they are every bit as lovely and I could have spent hours playing with these stamps. But, there was work to be done and the day was getting away from me.... rapidly!

I had a friend keeping me company in the studio this afternoon,

I'm not sure if Diesel was poking his tongue out at me, the results of my artwork or my choice in movies which he appears to be watching here!

Cute or What?


Jo said...

What an unusual tree card. The tree looks like it's made of lace.
I do have that film and you're absolutely right about it. Maybe it will get me in the mood for tackling my Christmas cards. Oh, but now I'm going to have those Paris stamps too! Do you think I could get them on advance from Santa? I love the tags. I really hope you're going to reveal how you got those carnations on there. Looking forward to the show.

Lisa Bruno said...

The tags are just beautiful. I love the way the pear and the carnations are almost sheer to show the background through them. How did you do that??? The Christmas Cards are wonderful in pink - who would have thought!!!
You do such beautiful work. Thanks so much for sharing.
Lisa from USA

Annette Lee said...

Amazing tags,I have to say I know what you mean about those Paris stamps - totally addictive - I was even thinking that I could redo a bedroom wall with those images!!
Happy Stamping

Sant said...

I think that these tags are gorgeous, I too would like to know how you coloured the images? Must get a set of these.


veronica said...

love the tags, especially the Paris ones - how did you do the carnations? They add just the right finishing touch - are they more of your napkin stash?

Moira said...

Thanks for the explanation in the last blog about the paper napkins, it looks like you have used them on these tags and they look fabulous. I only ever get the plain ones but that will change now! I do love to see your work Lynn it is so inspirational, so divine, so utterly gorgeous. I really admire and respect you and your work , not least for being a rock chic through and through!

Nozzer said...

Completely understand how easy it is to be side tracked when stamping! The day runs away and then it's a last minute whoosh!! Like your choice of 'Holiday' as a Christmas inducing film! Mine is 'Love Actually' as I have to admit being a bit partial to Huge (sorry, Hugh)Grant and Bill Nighy.
Your card and tags are wonderful -so original and gorgeous.
Happy Sunday,
Barbara xx

craftimamma said...

Absolutely stunning! Every single item in this post. I've so been trying not to look at the Paris stamps but Oh! I do NEED them and the Edwardian ones, and the new Christmas ones .............Oh Dear!

I haven't seen your choice of film Lynn but I'm sure it's one my son recommended so will have to give it a try.


Daniel Askeland said...

Thanks so much for the lovely comment you left on my blog!

Nice to hear that you agree with me, there is all to few male crafters out there!



Phree said...

Oh dear it looks like you got well side tracked, but I can understand why! The tags are gorgeous. I know I need those Paris stamps, but I guess I am going to have to wait for a bit to get them. Deisel looks V.Cute, you really ought to tell him that GSDs have an image to uphold and "cute" just does not cut it ;)

Helen said...

Love the tags Lynn - I really must get those stamps, especially the Paris ones. What are the carnations made of?

Violet said...

Oh, I love that movie, it is so very 'feel good'! Your cards are so beautiful, what a good idea to have a Christmas movie on to put you in the mood. Looks like Diesel is enjoying himself. Thanks for your nice comment on my blog!

Paper Engineer said...

These tags are so beautiful, the word 'Inspire' says it all. Your work is always inspiring to us. And I know what it's like to have a cannine audience. Just wish mine was so well behaved. See you soon.

InkyArtitude said...

Hiya All! and thank you so much for all your lovely comments, as always they are very much appreciated.
It would seem that the vibrant flowers on top of the sepia stamped tags are a hit and some of you want to know what I've done to get them there..... it's simply printed napkins. I have a thing about napkins and have a drawer in the kitchen full of them. When choosing them I always have crafting in mind!
It takes a little time to carefully cut around the image you want to use but it's worth it. Then simply peel away the layers. Most napkins tend to be three ply and you want to get it down to just the top layer. This is how it appears sheer and allows you to see some of the image below. Attach the tissue with something like Modge Podge, there are lots of varnishes and glazes on the market that are suitable (as long as the glue dries and doesn't remain tacky). And there you have it. Will you ever be able to look at a napkin in the same light again? Have fun!

Shelly said...

Lynn, I am so glad you left me a comment today so I could find your wonderful blog. I adore your style and have subscribed in Reader so I can get updates!

Hazel said...

I am so inspired by the way you have used the napkins on your gorgeous tags! They have so much stamping on them, too. I have just bought the Notre Dame plate, and used it once- I *need* to get it out and look at it again, right now! Stamps are so addictive! Love all of your work, here.