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Friday, December 03, 2010

Let It Snow......

......let it snow, let it snow! And yes, it just keeps on coming.

I looked outside as soon as the alarm went off this morning and guess what? Yep, it was blowing a blizzard. We had completely cleared the car of snow the night before and there was another three to four inches of fresh snow piled on top and all the footprints were again, covered over and an unblemished carpet of white lay waiting for us.

When I pulled the car off the drive and headed off in the direction of work I was only the second vehicle out of the close and the roads were treacherous, even the main roads were in a bad condition so I thought I'd give the back lane a miss and head straight for the A66 which is the main dual carriageway  for travelling east to west. That was little better than one large ice rink with snow laying on both carriageways!

To cut a very long story short, I'd got half way to work before I spoke to Glenda and she told me that they were staying closed for the day and to turn around and go home. It was so difficult finding somewhere to pull over to answer my phone which had rang several times, that I eventually pulled off the road and into a pub car park in the village of High Coniscliffe. Big mistake..... huge! I got stuck, couldn't go forward, couldn't go back!

All in all it was one hell of a morning. I'd got stuck in a car park until a farmer came to my rescue, caught up in a free for all of spinning cars and a van on the A66 (I can't believe that not one of them hit me but they did hit each other, three in front of me and two directly behind) I managed to stop when the van in front hit two cars sending them off the road while he ended up side on across both lanes. In my rear view mirror I watched the two cars behind me, they couldn't stop. I braced waiting for the impact as they slid into each other and I was right in the middle of it all with an Angel on my shoulder! Not a scratch on me or my car. How lucky was that? Fortunately, no one was injured, just bits of car bumpers and trims strewn around the road. Finally, on the homeward stretch I ended up in a snow drift at the side of the road stuck again. You really couldn't see where the road side ended and the verge began. Two gentlemen came to my rescue and pushed my car sideways into the middle of the road so that I could pull away and I eventually made it home without any further mis-haps.

Things are progressing slowly at home, I've got some more paintwork glossed tonight and have had to position all manner of objects around and in front of the wet paint to stop Diesel from ending up with Zebra stripes and my paintwork from growing a thick black coat... so far, so good.

It has snowed on and off for most of the day. I've just had a look outside and yay!..... it's not snowing at the moment. So fingers are crossed for a successful journey in the morning.

My artwork for today features Christmas Cards......

Both of these cards have been made with stamped acetate panels which have had Abalone gold leaf and Copper leaf applied to the back of the acetate before layering it onto Mirri card.

I love working with Tim Holtz's Christmas stamps, they have a lovely vintage feel to them. Have you seen what he's doing with his 12 Days of Christmas Tags this year? Don't miss out on all the tips and techniques he's sharing!

All the other stamps shown here are from Elusive Images and you can find the full range of EI stamps at Graphicus.

I'm going to really have to get my finger out if I'm to have enough hand made cards ready in time to send this year. I hate to say it but I do have some bought cards on standby should all else fail!

To all of you who are knee deep in making your Christmas Cards and hand made gifts...... have fun and Happy Crafting!


Val said...

Fabulous cards Lynn. How did you stick the gold leaf to the back of the acetate.

And we think we have a lot of snow, and then see yours!


judith@poppy cottage said...

Lynn, you were so lucky yesterday, as you say, you must have had an angel on your shoulder, popped down from Washington, maybe? Your cards are lovely, I'm seriously behind with mine, I just don't know where the time is going!
I'm loving Tim's tags this year, the tissue tape flower on Tag 3 is definitely something I'm going to try out! Be very safe in all of that snow, Judith xx

ikki said...

What a drive! So pleased to hear you made is home in one piece, must have been a nightmare journey!

Your cards are just lovely, very creative crafting. ikki

PS: I noticed in one of your posts that you had used TH dies in the Bug. Can I ask if all the TH dies can be used in the Cuttlebug? The info I'm picking up is only to use them with the BIGkick, Big Shot and Vagabond machines. Would appreciate your advice. Thanks

crafty flossie said...

Oh my word Lynn what a journey you had yesterday. Thank goodness for your angel, I think we all have them. Thanks for posting the photos of your cards. It's given my a kick in the pants to start mine this morning. Take care and stay warm

veronica said...

what an awful trip Lynn - so glad both you and the car survived! the cards are great, especially love the tree with the copper foil- looks so warm and welcoming.

Miranda said...

Hi Lynn, somewhere I heard the saying; never drive faster than your angels can fly! Happily you had one with you!Love your cards, especially with the abalone and gold foil! Indeed great tags of Tim, will save them for later. Keep warm and safe, greetz Miranda

Elaine said...

Goodness Lynn, your journey sounded horrendous, so glad someone was watching over you.

I love all your cards, just gorgeous, the sort of luxurious and detailed work I really love. I have to say I especially love the Tim Holtz deer and pine trees. I so love the colours on that one.

Love those Tim tags. I espcially enjoyed the tutorial about making customised colour ink pads.

Good luck with that painting and keeping Diesel at bay!

Elaine x

InkyArtitude said...

This is like having all my friends around at the same time, thank you all so much for your kind comments and yes, I do believe my angel was with me... someone was!

Vall: on these two cards I used a chisel tipped Zigg 2 Way glue pen, applied all over the back of the acetate. Let the glue dry until it changes from blue to clear and then apply the gold leaf. You can also use a Xryon machine to apply an even coating of adhesive to the acetate... the quick and easy answer.

Ikki: I use my Bug all the time for TH Bigz dies and Sizzix dies. I never have enough room to have a larger machine out unless I do some serious clearing. They cope beautifully with his dies and I've cut so many different materials in combination with the dies. I strongly recommend this machine over others!

craftimamma said...

Phew Lynn, what a hairy (er snowy) journey. I'm so glad you are unscathed. There was no chance of that happening to me this past week as I couldn't get the car off the cul-de-sac and today it's solid ice about 6 inches thick!

All of your cards are gorgeous Lynn and I couldn't possibly choose a favourite although I do like the one with the music on and the lovely lamp alongside.

I'm enjoying Tim's tags again this year too but I am seriously behind with my own Christmas cards. Pretty sure I'll be buying all but my very special ones this year that's if I can ever get to the shop to buy some, Lol!

Lesley Xx

erasercarver said...

I've already praised your angel, but I will do so again, she certainly is a star and looks after you well!

Loving all of your beautiful artwork, Lynn, I get in the festive spirit every time I visit :)

Paper Paradise said...

Hi Lynn, phew!!!!!! frightening stuff travelling in all this snow. We are still bogged down with it in Grimsby. So pleased you were ok. Love all your cards, each one unique as your creations always are!!!!!!! Been following Tim's tags, and getting lots of inspiration from them, it is massive this year! Oh on a final note I am doing classes for Grimsby Crafts in the new year, the new owner wants to introduce mixed media / altered art, so I will be visiting ICHF with her in February. I hope we bump into you and the girls while we are there, it would be lovely to see you all. Sue x

Val said...

Hi Lynn - thanks for that tip on the gold leaf - I have been having a few probls with it.

Hope you are well.

Take care.

crafty flossie said...

Hi Lynn. Hope you are well. Thinking about you.

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Dreadful day but gorgeous cards! Adore the first two cards amazing technique with acetate just love it - Did you
1.stamp on acetate first with Staz on?
2.then apply the gold/copper leaf? and what did you use to make it stick? did you use gilding size?
Would love to know please?
email is: and do have blog too: if you want to leave it there.. thanks so much for your help and inspiration love it!
Shaz in oz.x