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Monday, June 21, 2010

Vacation Over

As some of you may know or may have found out when you tried to visit here, my blog was being intermittently 'hi-jacked' and it has taken quite some time to work out how it was being done. It has been a case of removing items one by one to see what the outcome would be.

I must admit, I was so fed up of it at one point that I really lost the will to blog. I set up a blog on Typepad but really didn't want to have to start from scratch again which is what I would have had to do, as transferring all my stuff without finding out what was causing the problem may have meant that the problem moved with me!

After months of investigating I finally identified the offending widget and removed it, so hopefully, everything should behave itself now and you should no longer find yourself being transferred to the 'I Meetz You' site! It's certainly had a lot of testing every day and at different times of the day and night so we'll see how things go (fingers are firmly crossed). While I was messing around I decided to have a change of scenery and freshen things up a bit so things look a little different too.

I have a huge amount to catch up on, all the time I've been away from blogging I've been cataloging events and taking photo's so I'll be dipping in and out of the last six months in an effort to catch up some.

I'm going to make a start with some photos from an event last Friday, it was my 'Articulated Tag' workshop at Graphicus. The ladies who attended were lovely and they turned out some fabulous tags of their own but, as usual the day just flew by and we didn't get the last one completed so I promised to put the sample tags on here so they could catch up in their own time. Here's Part One:-

I've used the large #10 tags from Graphicus. They are a fabulous size and great for showcasing larger stamps, Tim Holtz die cuts and beautiful embellishments. We found these tags at CHA when we went to the trade show in Los Angeles back in January and I can't tell you how excited I was at the thought of having these beauties to work on. I was like a cat on a hot tim tin roof waiting for them to arrive from the USA.

The focal point of this tag is the image transfer onto Claudine Hellmuth Sticky Backed Canvas which has been triple embossed to give a glass-like finish. It's been embellished with the Tim Holtz Bigz Die - Tattered Florals which I've cut from Grungeboard that was first covered with a page from a dictionary and inked with Distress Inks after it was die cut, together with a lovely antiqued Key Hole. The pearly rose on top of the bird cage was made with the Melt Pot and Pearl UTEE. I made a mold from Mold-n-Pour using a button to create the impression.... I was really pleased with the result I got and of course, I can make it in a variety of colours too!

This tag features the Tim Holts Bigz Die, it's called Caged Bird and I've cut it from plain Grungeboard. The tag also features Fragments, Grungeboard Mini's, Film Strip Ribbon and a Philosophy Tag.

I've been working on another version of this tag this evening, with a beaded trim on the base of the bird cage. It's drying at the moment as I've coated the letters with Glossy Accents, I'll get it photographed tomorrow and onto the blog tomorrow evening with some more articulated tags from the workshop for you to see.

For now..... Happy Crafting!


Miranda said...

Hello Lynn, great blog you have, with beautiful artwork! We had some contact about Elusive, remember? Creative greetings from Holland, Miranda

veronica said...

Welcome back Lynn - I've missed you! Great to see the tags after reading Lesley's report of the wonderful day she had

Rainbow Lady said...

Wow what a way to return to blogland with these lovely creations Lynn. Welcome back - but just for your info I have never had a problem with your blog - been checking all the time you were away and never a glitch for me. Love Cynthia x

Jill said...

So glad you're back!!!!

I love these tags especially the bird cage one. I've not used my die yet except to test it. It looks lovely on silver mirri!!

See you at the waxing workshop.



InkyArtitude said...

Hi Miranda, of course I remember you, how could I forget your lovely artwork? Thank you for your comment, I'll be popping over to your blog to leave a comment soon and thank you for visiting... Lynn

InkyArtitude said...

Hi Cynthia and Veronica, thanks for the lovely warm welcome back... it's nice to know I was missed and it makes all the frustration of sorting out the problem worth while. I'm glad you were never subjected to the delights of the 'I Meetz You' diversion Cynthia, many were including me. Hopefully now, I can get on with the arty stuff!

Jill... get moving with those dies, they look fab on canvases - right up your street, I must give the mirri a go. I'm really looking forward to the waxing workshop too! See you there...

crafty flossie said...

Whoop Whoop Yippee!!! I'm so glad your back in blog land. I had been diverted in the past, well done for your perserverence. The tags are beautiful. I love the Tim H dies although haven't got any at the mo, I will put a couple on my wish list. Looking forward to your next post.
PS I had a go at waxing and I'm trying to work it so I can attend the workshop.
Debbie M

InkyArtitude said...

Thank you Debbie, I can't stop playing with those dies! I do hope you can make the Wax Workshop, I think you'll enjoy it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and hope that you can join us.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Love the new decor and glad you managed the photoshoppery bits to get everything how you wanted it.

You should be able to blog for months with all the fab stuff you have - folks, you are in for some treats ...


Alexandra said...

Yay! you're back. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your creative arty stuff more regularly.
I love your tags.
I still will have to treat myself to more than a few of Tim's alterations dies.

craftimamma said...

Hi Lynn, After all the waiting I must have missed this post when it zipped to the top of my blog roll. Never mind.

Just to say what a fabulous workshop it was. The tags we made were great and I had a wonderful time.

Great to see you back in blogland.

Lesley Xx

erasercarver said...

Hurrah! Glad to see you back in blogland again :)