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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Articulated Tags and Wagging Tails

Gosh, where did the week go?

I had all good intentions of finishing up my next lot of tags and getting them uploaded to the blog earlier in the week. Tuesday night, all was going well and I got the other option of the caged bird tag finished and got all set up to take the photographs..... camera battery flat, so it had to go on charge overnight. Memo to self: buy a back-up battery. I use a Canon IXUS 800 IS, it's a brilliant camera but has one downfall - there's no battery meter. One minute it's fine, the next minute there's a flashing red camera icon on the screen and then it closes itself up and goes to sleep. Fortunately, a full charge lasts quite some time but a spare battery is a necessity.

Wednesday evening, I made a quick get away from work and hot tailed it from Barny to Darlington to catch the kennels on my way home. Diesel was out of food and I had to pick up his next 15K bag before they closed or he would be going without his tea and demanding mine! While I was there I just had to give my new best friend a cuddle, let me introduce you to 'Reno'......

Isn't he just totally adorable? I first got to know him when he was just eight weeks old and he's now nineteen weeks, very calm, very obedient and a real sweetie. His personality reminds me very much of Diesel's with not a nasty thought in his head. I make no apologies for the following:

"Just look at my big teeth, I've got some new ones you know, Pllleeease have a look"?

"Don't you think I'm a good boy? I can sit here being very composed, when really all I want to do is this"..........

Needless to say, I really wanted to take him home with me but Andy (his Dad who owns the kennels) wouldn't let me!

OK, drooling time over - until the next time!

When I eventually got home I managed to get another tag finished up and got the photographs done too. I've used the 'BIG' tags again from Graphicus, they're 21.5cm x 10.5cm (81/2" x 41/8"). If you want 'need' these tags don't hang around, as far as I know they are a one-off and we won't be getting them back in stock. Trust me, if you love creating art on tags - you definitely need these!

This is the alternative Caged Bird tag with a beaded trim around the base of the cage. The letters are Grungeboard Mini's again and I coloured them with a Copic Sketch marker then coated them with Glossy Accents. The flower is from my own stash (it's a Prima that I brought back from a trip to Las Vegas a few years back - see, I do use my stash.... eventually)!

The next one is a fully articulated tag that I made in the workshop last Friday. The top section is joined to the mid section by  a working hinge.

There's another of those fab Tim Holtz Bigz dies, this one has several elements to it. You get a solid heart, an open decorative heart, wings and a crown.... I've cut them from plain Grungeboard.

This is another one I started as a demo piece during Friday's workshop. It's another image transfer onto Claudine Hellmuth's Sticky Backed Canvas with handmade paper flowers. You can see that it's not quite finished..... there's nothing on the hanging banner for a start....

.... and those flowers look pretty plain to me - too plain! So I got to work and finished it off and here's how it looks now.........

I've added Stickles to the stamped flowers in the background in rust and orange, attached a brass hanger at the top and there's those Grungeboard Mini's again on the banner. I originally coloured  the letters and the laurel leaves with Distress Inks but I didn't feel that the colour was strong enough so I used the Copic's to beef them up.... I'm really liking Copic's on Grungeboard!

Finally, I worked on the flowers and glitzed them up with some glass glitter, a touch of yellow Stickles around the pearl flower centres and a decorative brass corner was added to the image transfer.

Well, that's all for now - the weekend is here again and I'm off to York in the morning so I must get to bed. Whatever you're planning for the weekend, have fun and of course.....

Happy Crafting!


Jill said...

Reno is just gorgeous. Bet it was really hard for you to leave him, but at least you'll see him next time Diesel needs food!

I love the tags. Its such a shame we couldn't do the workshop, but hey-ho.

'Course you'll know which is my fave...the ORANGE one, closely followed by the birdy one.

See you soon.



craftimamma said...

Wow, Reno is a beauty and he looks so well behaved. Wish Snoopy was like that - he would never have sat still for you, Lol!

Thanks for posting the tags for us. They are gorgeous. I've finished the two we did at the workshop (photos in the Guild album) and I'm going to blog them this weekend. I still have the birdcage one to do, hopefully next week after I've caught up on a couple of other things.

Can't wait for the waxing Melt Pot workshop in a couple of weeks. See you then!

Have a lovely weekend.

Lesley Xx

veronica said...

Reno is gorgeous, no wonder you wanted to take him home!
love the tags, especially the orange one ..............thanks for the reminder re tags, have just got mine ordered before they run out!

erasercarver said...

Ohhh, Reno is just beautiful, couldn't just just sneak him home one time? ;)
Absolutely love your tags, inspirational as ever :)

Janet said...

Unable to attend any workshops this year so a big thank you for the inspiration on this blog.
Reno is a beauty but aren't all GS's?

Janet xx

InkyArtitude said...

I have to agree with Janet... LOVE German Shepherds with a passion, but then, I'm ever so slightly biased! I have to own up to having a soft spot for anything with fur and four legs.

Thank you for all the lovely comments on Reno - and the tags (he's a beaut, would love to sneek him home but I think Andy might notice).
Glad you're all liking the tags, I'm hooked on them at the moment... hope no one gets too bored!

Carole said...

oh beautiful dog ! he is gorgeous, & lovely art work !

Tami Roth said...

Beautiful T.H. samples, Lynn!! Love your doggies too!!

Jenny said...

these are clever ideas!