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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

A Wonderful Walk on the Wildside

This morning, I drove about half of the way to work in thick fog and looking at the forecast, it's going to be much the same tomorrow. The weather, although quite cold at night, has given us some glorious Autumn days of late (once the fog burns off).

Sunday was one of these days. Although I had planned to work in the house all day, the call of the crisp autumn air and the wonderful watery sunlight beckoned in the afternoon and I couldn't resist it. I bundled my DH and Diesel, our German Shepherd into the car and we took off to Preston Park (camera attached to my hand of course).

We covered some ground! The trees are just turning and leaves are beginning to collect on the pathways. I love this time of year!
Having walked all through the park and stopping to look at the peacocks, ducks and fluffy bunnies in the viewing area we decided to go off-track and followed the River Tees that winds its way towards Yarm.

It was a truly beautiful afternoon. Diesel had a whale of a time in the fallen leaves and seemed hell bent on trying to get Stuart to join him 'on the floor'. He really was quite naughty - he usually walks well on the lead (after many expensive hours of obedience training HE SHOULD)!

But today, well? I think the autumn air had got to him too and he was full of it. Only on the way back to the car did he start to settle down. We will forgive him his moments of madness today as I think he's just letting off steam and in his own way, celebrating his 5th birthday which was on Wednesday. Happy Birthday Diesel! Now behave for the rest of the year!!!


Lynn W. said...

Nice photos Lynn! I loved the little scrapbook of Diesel that Glenda showed on Ideal World on Tuesday - he's very photogenic!

Lynn W. x

ink'n'rubba said...

Diesel is a very handsome fellow and I am sure much better behaved then my mad cocker spaniels who hate being on the lead but will walk perfectly to heel when off it!