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Friday, February 09, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy.

It really has been such a busy week and the weekend won't be any different. At work, we are preparing for the trade show 'Stitches' at the NEC Birmingham which starts next weekend. But I shall start back to the beginning of the week - Monday! Although cold, it was a bright sunny day and despite having to food shop and do the housey chores, I managed to get out into the garden for half an hour and have a tidy round the beds. Things are really greening up early and this mock orange blossom has tiny new buds appearing.

As soon as I got the camera out Diesel decided to get in on the action and climbed into the shrubbery bed. Next thing I knew he was sticking his head through the bushes and pleading: 'Take one of me Mum......Pleeease!' Well, how could I refuse his pleadings? So here he is looking cute for the camera.

Unfortunately, this was the last we saw of the sun this week. We have had dusting's of snow (but nowhere near as much as in some parts of the country), freezing temperatures, ice and more freezing temperatures.

Tuesday at work was funny. I was the first to arrive and I thought it was cold when I went into the office so my first job was to turn up all the radiators. They were all on the highest setting and stone cold! As we are working between split sites at the moment, all of the portable heating units have gone up to our new premises. I wish I had taken my camera with me on Tuesday I could have made a fortune. We were all sitting at our desks with several layers of clothing on (in fact, as many as we could get our hands on) including: hats, gloves and I even had Diesel's travelling blanket from the back of my car, wrapped around my legs. We had run out of oil for the heating - it had to happen in the coldest spell of the winter didn't it.

Glenda soon arranged for some heaters and we managed to all operate from one room for the day - it was quite good fun and we had copious amounts of steaming hot tea, chocolate and Chocolate cake to keep us going. The cake was for Judiths birthday which we celebrated at lunch time.

The preparations for the trade show have dominated the week for us all. The team will be heading off down to Birmingham next Friday to set up the stand on Saturday. There is still an awful lot to do and in amongst all the show activity, we have two TV shows on Tuesday to prepare for. Glenda is doing a live show in the morning and I have a pre-record to film in the afternoon. Stress? What? Who? Me?........nah!

This weekend will predominantly be taken up with prep for the TV and getting some more artwork done for the stand but I will hopefully find time to post some more photos at some stage and of course......... watch 'Dancing On Ice'! tomorrow night.


acrylik said...

Brrrr - that has just reminded me how cold it was in the office! We really should have taken some photos of us all wrapped up!

Good luck with all your prep! x

artyfartykat said...

Busy isn't the word, frenetic perhaps!
Diesel looks adorable peeking through the bushes, no show without Punch eh! ;)
I agree with Carrie, some photos of you all wrapped up like polar explorers would have been really funny, especially one of you modelling Diesels blanket!! (On second thoughts, I don't think polar explorers would wear as much as you lot had on!!)
Desperate times call for desperate measures!
Hope the prep is coming along and you are able to have SOME time for relaxation, never mind the doctor, its what the nurse ordered!!

InkyArtitude said...

Thank you Matron!