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Monday, January 29, 2007

Finished Art Work

On the left is a sample board of techniques which resulted in the canvas above.

The canvas features an image taken from a photograph of the heron on top of the fountain outside Graphicus, together with bird feathers, yarns, mosaics and images (by Elusive Images) stamped onto tissue paper and adhered to the canvas.

The canvas (below) features an image transferred by gel medium from a photograph of a stone carved fountain (photograph courtesy of Glenda Waterworth, thank you Glenda). Images again stamped onto tissue paper, stencils, metal embellishments and dried flowers by Joanna Sheen complete the collage.

This is the result of my shopping expedition last weekend. 'What a Stash'! Haven't started anything yet as I have several projects underway and a whole load of work to do for the
trade show which is coming up in February. Me thinks I am going to be very busy!


acrylik said...

Amazing canvases, Lynn, and I could just hang your sample pieces up on my wall, they are marvellous.

I love the picture of your stash - you certainly did have a great shopping trip!

artyfartykat said...

I absolutely love your art work Lynn as you know, but these pieces are so beautiful. Pleeeeease do a workshop!!!
And the stash photo, what can I say........Wow, wow, wow!!! ;)

Mel said...

Gorgeous canvas :) I hope you get chance to get stuck in and enjoy all that stash yu acquired on your shopping trip! Mel x