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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Artwork Show and Tell

In my last post I had intended to upload some of the art work that I had on display at the last Graphicus Open Days but Blogger was being bloody minded and turned all my photos on their sides... arghhh. Several people asked about future workshops with these items and I do intend to include similar techniques and projects in next years timetable.

I'm going to have another go and see if the problem has been resolved as I have quite a back log of art work building up.

Several hours later......
Well, the problem still exists but I've discovered that by going back to Blogger's old editor I can avoid the frustration of the turning images but it means I have to work in HTML and put up with the photos loading in an odd order all at the top of the post and broken links when I move the images around but at least I have images!

This is a deep edged canvas which has been collaged, painted, stencilled, painted some more then I've worked Golden's Light Molding Paste through stencils to give it lots of texture and depth.

The molding paste is one of my favorite mediums, it gives wonderful results when painted over with Tim Holtz Distress Crackle Paints which just adds to the interest.

Then comes some additional embelishments in the form of a brass escutcheon, a handpainted flower with a metal centre, some feathers and a feather butterfly.

This is an image transfer onto Claudine Hellmuth's Sticky Backed Canvas. It is a brilliant technique and is totally foolproof, unlike many of the other image transfer techniques.

I finished the canvas by adding just a touch of Gold Metal Leaf to the edges, a decorative border of cut dictionary paper around all four sides, some decorative upholstery nails and a hanging wire roughly shaped like a handle to which I tied ribbons.

If you'd like to try working on canvas with some of these techniques, I have a work shop programmed for Thursday 18th November 2010 called 'On the Outside Looking In' and there are still some places available (well, there were when I looked last Friday before I started my week off). This is a fab workshop and we'll be using two canvas's hinged together and featuring a window to create amazing dimension and an interesting focal point.

The other pieces I have to show you today are the waxed collage boards. I watched Suze Weinberg demonstrate this technique at a trade show earlier this year and instantly fell in love with the idea of creating art from next to nothing.

It uses the Melt Pot and wax pellets, together with printed images and rubber stamps to build up and create texture in the wax.

Bedazzles and Stickles are used for accents and the wax is polished with Perfect Pearls which give the most stunning depth of colour and luminosity.

I really love working with hot wax, it is so relaxing and makes a great 'chill-out' therapy when you need some down time. I keep saying that crafting should be available on the National Health system, are you listening Mr Prime Minister? It could save a fortune in medical costs and therapy and you meet such lovely, like minded people who are all too ready to share in your obsession.

Well, the old Blogger Editor has worked, despite taking an inordinate amount of time I've finally got some of the photos up. There's a lot more waiting in the wings and I'll be back soon with the next update.

Until then, take care all and enjoy your crafting!


erasercarver said...

Ooooh, absolutely stunning, Lynn! Well worth the wait! Hope Blogger gets itself sorted out soon.

crafty flossie said...

Hi Ltnn. Many thanks for persisting with the very stubborn blogger. I didn't manage to spend alot of time with you on the open day so it's so nice to see the pieces of artwork you had around you. Love them.

judith@poppy cottage said...

Fabulous pictures Lynn! Your classes are always fantastic and so much fun. I can't wait to do the ones that I'm booked on. The feeling of friendship is lovely too, they are always great days. Judith xx

mustavcoffee said...

Fabulous creations, If only I was nearer to you, would love to come and play,........... big sigh, one day. Thank you for sharing:0) xxx

Chris said...

Stunning work, Lynn. I especially love your wax collages. I went on a workshop with Suze Weinberg in February and the wax was my favourite part of the day. Sadly my meltpot has been on the shelf ever since.

Paper Paradise said...

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, you never fail to amaze me with your creativity!!!! Hope all is well, regards to everyone love Sue and Paul x

Shirl said...

Hi Lynn,

Just popped over from the Graphicus site to have a look around. I love your work and will start to follow you blog keenly to see what I miss with the classes that you run. (Graphicus is a long way from South Wales!)


Shannon said...

What an amazing technique, thank you so much for sharing. I have to try that. The end result is absolutely stunning. Just beautiful.

paradykes said...

I've never seen anything like this, it's beautiful. I'll have to do some research as i'd love to try wax as a medium.

Craft is a Blessing said...

these are beautiful