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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Happy Birthday Diesel

My blog post today is dedicated entirely to this young man...

Yes, today has been Diesel's 7th Birthday! I can't believe the years have passed so quickly but fortunately, it's true what they say about German Shepherds.... they never grow up. To prove it, here are some pics of Diesel doing precisely what Diesel does best - PLAYING! They are 'action' shots so please forgive the blurs.

Diesel is a real play boy, he's into all the extreme sports you'd expect of a super cool guy.... here he is taking a dip!

.....and still trying to play ball! We take him to the hydro therapy pool on a regular basis. GSD's are prone to problems with hip dysplasia and although he has an excellent hip score, we don't want to take any chances. Swimming is a great way to keep him fit and as long as he has a toy to retrieve he's quite happy, although if you take your eye off him for just one minute he turns around and swims with the current instead of against it... this dog's not daft by any means.

You should see him now, he's flat out on his blanket fast asleep. This little man's had a busy day.

Happy Birthday Diesel!


froebelsternchen Susi said...

Happy birthday Diesel!

hugs from Susi an Liyongo
( Rhodesiean Rodgeback)
from Vienna, Austria

craftimamma said...

Big hug for the birthday boy and Snoopy send his love too.

Lesley and Snoopy Xx

acrylik said...

Happy Birthday Diesel! Love from Willow and Ash =^..^=

Lynnda said...

someone is a lucky boy, what a great friend to have around you


Rosie said...

He is such a handsome fellow and almost the same age as Marshall who'll be 7 in December. Great photos and it's lovely to see him playing so happily. Thanks for sharing, Rosie

Sarah Anderson said...

How cute is he!!! Thanks for coming by my blog for the play date colour challenge. Glad you liked my piece :)

InkyArtitude said...

Hello to all my new friends! Thank you so much to everyone who left Birthday Wishes and lovely comments just for me... my Mum says I have to keep my paws off her lap top so I can't hang around, just wanted to let you know how much I loved your messages. I'll be back when she's not looking!!!
Love, hugs and licks from Diesel x

judithw said...

Hi Diesel
Belated birthday wishes. Bet you enjoy your swimming, can you give me any tips, Mum is booking me in for some swimming when I go on my hols, can't wait!
Love Bertie x

crafty flossie said...

Belated Happy Birthday Diesel. It looks like you've been having so much fun.
from Archie and Debbie.

Clare (Littlebear) said...

Happy Birthday Diesel.
I have to say you are a very handsome chap!
Clare x

Sandra Evertson said...

She is so Beautiful!
And I just love your piece below, especially the colors you chose!
Sandra Evertson