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Monday, January 26, 2009

New Year - New Organisation!

Yep, it's that time of the year again when you want to get out there, sort out, re-organise, clean..... now I did say 'want' to, this is not the same as doing it! I'm still enduring all the negative effects of the osteo-arthritis only now I have a back problem which, since the beginning of December has caused acute sciatica from the hip to ankle in my right leg and for virtually twenty four hours a day. It's hideous and means that I have to take advantage of any slight improvement to get things done so blogging and blog hopping have had to take a back seat I'm afraid. I do have some positive news on the health front though but I'm just waiting to have one more appointment confirmed this week and then I'll give you an update.... it's far from doom and gloom but I don't want to temp fate until I've had everything confirmed.

So, back to organising. I really do need to do a lot of tidying in my craft room, it still hasn't recovered from having everything dumped in there over Christmas. Initially, I thought it was just all of the boxes from the Xmas Decs and that once they were taken down on 12th night and stored safely back in the loft it would be all clean and tidy again..... wrong! It would seem that every homeless item in our house found its way to my craft room. One thing has become clearly apparent - I need a bigger room. Negotiations have commenced with DH and he agrees with me so we just have to agree with each other on how we are going to achieve the impossible!

After posting a comment about stamp storage systems on the Graphicus Guild Group last week, I promised that I would let you see how I store my unmounted Stamps. I also realise from the Group that many of you are 'in the mood' for re-organising your stash and work areas. I love to hear and see peoples ideas on how they organise stuff and if you want to utilise my system please do. It works for me....

This is just a small selection of the most frequently used stamps. They sit just above my work surface and are always within easy reach. There are many others which are stacked within the storage unit on the back wall behind where I sit. The beauty of this storage system is that they can store flat or be stacked on end like books. When I want a set or two to take to an event or work I simply choose the boxes I need and they keep my stamps safe and make them easy to transport.

You can laminate the stamp graphic and attach the EZ Mount cushion to the laminate or attach the stamp to the box lid and base and insert the index inside to save having to open every box when you're looking for a specific set of stamps.

These are the boxes that you can purchase through Graphicus. You can even get 'Boxed' sets which come with an outer unit that the boxes slide into - a self contained housing so that they needn't occupy precious shelf space.... you could stack them on the floor or under a bench if need be.

And don't forget, you can label the boxes to make indexing your stamps and finding them again, so much easier!

While I'm showing you my stamp storage I thought I would show you what I've done with all my small rolls of ribbon.....

I have a Ribbon Locker (Graphicus used to sell them but the company that made them are no longer in business) that I use for rolls of ribbon that won't fit into these clear plastic storage pots but I love these.... they can be wall mounted, carried to crops or craft clubs and the storage pots which link in three's can be removed and carried separately if you only need certain colours.

I can clearly see all the different colours and patterns which makes finding the right ribbon a lot less time consuming. I can simply hold up a small piece of card that I am using in my project and match the ribbon without having to open pots, drawers, boxes etc. I'm delighted with how they work and I'm still in the process of colour co-ordinating another stack..... do you think I have a ribbon addiction? Nah! just a total craft addiction that no amount of medication is going to help relieve the symptoms (thank goodness).

Ooooo yummy! I want to go play but maybe I'll just organise the next set. Now for the bad news: I'm afraid that Graphicus don't stock these (not yet anyway - note to self: speak to Glenda) they are just something that I came across while out shopping one day.

I have found some super stuff of late, not specifically designed for crafting but things I liked the look of and could see how it/they could work in my studio both on a practical level and for eye candy too. So I may make this a regular feature and share my shopping finds and organisational skills (eh? well, maybe I do have them sometimes) with you on my blog. I just need to find the time to blog 'regularly'! I will try to get back again this week but it's that time of the year again...... TRADE SHOW and it's coming up FAST!

I may not have a lot of crafty stuff that I can share at the moment as I'm knee deep in preparing delectable little pieces for the show and some not so little either - remember Percival Ponsonby Smythe from last year? Well if all goes according to plan there will be another 'themed' creation taking shape very soon, I just need to get my skates on!

Happy Crafting and good luck with all the organising!


Rainbow Lady said...

How good to see you back Lynn. Hope the sciatica improves soon - been there done that and had the op too.
I have not seen your storage system before but mine is identical - all labelled - laminated and stored flat. Works well for me.
Ribbons are stored in a box with holes to pull thru and also a proper plastic roll box as well.
Love Cynthia x

craftimamma said...

Great to see a post Lynn and I too hope your back is sorted soon. I sympathise because mine is extremely painful at the moment. Unfortunately,I think it's too much holding my granddaughters this weekend.

I love that ribbon storage system. I have a huge drawer full a lot of which is not on rolls, but it would be nice to get the ones which are stored like yours instead of having to half empty the drawer to see the ones at the bottom.

Hope your consultations go ok and they get you painfree asap.

Lesley Xx

Claggybitz said...

Hi Lynn
You are just so organised. I do envy you somewhere you can set all your crafting goodies ready to be used. Oh, well, when we manage to sell the house and I get my extra space - skies the limit. Raby Castle would be good!
See you Tuesday
Judith & Bertie x

Sant said...

Lynn its lovely to see you back on blog. sympathise with your back trouble and hope that it soon wears off, take it easy!.

I have a similar storage system for my stamps but not quite as organised as you at the moment, mine are sitting on the floor as I have now completely run out of shelf space ... no room to expand.

Like you I have to do some clearing out as up until Friday I could hardly get through the door. My room also doubles up as my ironing room and oh boy has that mounted up.


Jill said...

Keeping everything crossed for health front news. I get sciatica too and its the most irritating and sickening pain and theres not much you can do about it. I can never concentrate when its there and the only relief I can get is when I'm doped up to the eye-balls on pain killers which isn't very nice!!

I'm so jealous that you have a craft room. All my stash is deposited around the house, but mainly in the kitchen next to the table. One of these days I'll have a dedicated craft room (in my dream world!)



Anonymous said...

Ooh dear I feel such a messy crafter now. I have a very haphazard storage system. It's called "all over the house" but I do laminate my sheets and keep the corresponding stamps on them.I think I will have to have a bid tidy up soon but that will use up valuable craftingtime. I do wish I was more organised but I don't think I will change now.
Enjoy our crafting
Chris K (aka catwithoneear)

Julie said...

Hello Lynn, I often look into your blog but have never posted before, but just had to say if anyone does want your super ribbon storing system that well known craft superstore chain has them for half price at £9.87, maybe they bought up the remaining stock

Lynnda said...

well I keep trying to get organised but every time I get things out to re organise I find myslef having just a little play....
sorry to hear you have beeen suffering hope it is all under control now
Hope to catch up with you soon

acrylik said...

Wow, what an amazing post, I *love* your storage systems! I'm getting so sick of my clutter I'm threatening to "store" it all in a bin bag, so maybe I ought to take a leaf out of your book instead ;) Have a good weekend!

Aquarius said...

Wow what a lovely array of organised supplies. I have started to put my stamps into those flat boxes with laminated sheets and it is working fine but afraid my ribbons are in a terrible jumble. The rolls aren''t too bad but I bought some bags of mixed organza ribbons and they just live loose in a plastic box, fortunately they don't crease easily.

Val W

Bird said...

Great to see how your reorganisation is going. I've been lucky enough to claim one of our bedrooms for a craft room. The alterations have been done and snow permitting, I'll be ordering my cupboards this week. My desk is sited in front of an enormous window that can be opened inward creating a sense of crafting in my wildlife garden. Amazing, if not a little distracting with all the wildlife activity. The dining room, of course, returns to normal use and won't look quite so alarming to visitors!

I do hope your back is feeling up to some serious crafting soon Lynn as I could do with a Lynnfix of creativity.

Keep well


Great to see your back. Sorry to hear your having health issues, I hope they get sorted out soon.
The ribbon storage system you have is excellent.
Take care Sam x

Freddie said...

Hi Lynn, sorry to hear you're not well, just stopped by to see what you are up to, so hope the back clears up soon, am also a fellow sufferer so you have my sympathies!
Love your craft room, very organised and puts me to shame!
love freddie xx

Rainbow Lady said...

Just wanted to say get well soon Lynn, take care and do as the doctors say and you will be fighting fit soon.
Love and hugs
Cynthia x

Rosie said...

Hi Lynn, I've heard from Glenda you have had your operation and are now home. I want to wish you the speediest recovery possible and hope your sciatica is now a distant memory. Take care of yourself and hugs to you and Diesel, Rosie

Deby said...

Hello Lynn,
Hope you are doing ok and that the knee is on the mend x

Sent you a little card via Graphicus which I hope makes it way to you.

Take care

Best wishes

Deby x

Sue Abbott said...

Hi Lynn,

Sue ex Paper Paradise here. Hope you are on the mend, and back into the swing of things. I've lost your email address so hope you read this comment, it's not that I haven't been thinking of you. I am enjoying my 'retirement' and am getting into blogging. Hope to bump into you soon, please give my regards to Glenda too.

Sue xxx