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Saturday, August 16, 2008

Add Talent, Imagination, Creativity and 'A Splash of Colour'

This is just a very quick post this evening as I'm still prepping for the TV shows on Monday as well as getting the packing done in an effort to be ready to set off tomorrow.

I just have to tell you about the most talented lady who, after much encouragement (bullying to you and me) has taken the plunge and launched her new BLOG today! Yey! Helen is an Elusive Images stamp designer and a very valued member of the EI Design Team. She is one of the most stylish, innovative and imaginative stampers out there. I am sure you will recognise her work from many of the projects that she has had published in craft magazines here in the UK. Most recently, Helen designed the 'Snow is Falling' A4 Themeplate launched by EI last month. It is a fabulous set of stamps (see it on Ideal World and Create and Craft Channel at 9 a.m. on Monday) which I truly love working with - thank you Helen!

I am so delighted that she has finally started blogging. Please, do go and visit her blog and if you have a moment, leave a little comment for her. It's called 'A Splash of Colour' click on the link and you'll be transported to Helen's creative world!

I'll leave you with a few photo's of some of the prep from this afternoon. You'll have to watch the show to see the finished project... I'm quite pleased with the results.

Any ideas what it's going to be? The pattern is printed onto Ivory card from the Butterfly Bliss CD ROM and the Botanicals have been embossed with lightly glittered white embossing powder. I'll post the finished item here when I get back!


Phree said...

Thanks for pointer to Helen's blog, I will make sure I visit often.

Now your stuff for Monday, I am guessing it's a book of some kind, and looks like it has pockets to hold things - ATCs perhaps? Whatever it is going to be, it looks like the finished item is going to be beautiful.

mim said...

Hi, I don't really know but whatever it is it looks beautiful. Even your handwriting on your lists is lovely!!


acrylik said...

Lovely stuff, I shall try and catch you on air tomorrow. Thanks for the link to Helen's blog! Good luck tomorrow and see oyu later in the week :)

veronica said...

lovely pix -very tantalising! Guessing that it will be a book or a star card, will look forward to seeing it in reality.
thanks for link to Helen's blog, am off there now

craftimamma said...

Whatever it is it's very pretty. Does look like a book of some kind as Phree said and as Mim said your handwriting is beautiful too.

I've always longed to have really good handwriting!

Enjoy your shows tomorrow. I know I will.

Lesley GG197

Happy Daze said...

Oh calamity, not only did you not get to demonstrate this but I missed the part when you were explaining it as Paddy the dog chose that moment to have a mad barking fit! Please show us the final version and tell us how to do it.


Chris said...

Looks beautiful, Lynn. I missed part of the show today so it must have been on then - typical!!!

Loved the show this morning and the bits that I managed to catch this afternoon.

Thanks for the link to Helen's blog. I've been for a nosy and I left some comments. Lovely work.

Dot Crackles said...

Oh Lynn
it sold out amd we never saw the demo I hope you can put it onto your blog for us. It must have been so sickening for you after all your hard work.
Luv u lots Dot

Annette Lee said...

Hi Lynne
What a surprise - an award!!! Thank you for your kind words. It could take me a while to work out how to collect the award and I'll have to think long and hard who to pass it on to. By the way I love those white inky doodles on the blog and I see on the web site those little white pens I've been waiting for are in stock. Great show yesterday afternoon only downside we didn't get to see your demo. Will it keep for the open weekend. Hope to see you on Friday LOL Annette

craftimamma said...

Only had time to skip through the recordings of Monday's shows as I was away from home until late-ish last night and been out all day today. I saw enough to know they were great though!

I don't really want to say it's a shame you didn't get to do your demo 'cos it means you sold out but I do hope you can let us know the 'how to' on the blog or something because it was a lovely intriguing piece of art.

Visited Helen's new blog and left a comment. Will go back often as I love Helen's work in Craft Stamper and I've added her to my list of favourite blogs.

Lesley XX


Thanks for the help with the counter. Off to check Helen's blog out. You have some amazing things on your blog right now and those stamps are gorgeous!!!!