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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hi to all my Blogging Friends out there! Yay.... after working on my PC since Friday night, I'm finally back on line and 'de-bugged' by the look of it (fingers, toes, legs and arms all crossed tightly).

It has been a real battle and test of wills and skills (more will than skill I can tell you). After wiping my PC and re-installing Windows (twice since Friday night) I had everything zipping along beautifully yesterday until I tried to install the re-location disc that AOL sent out to allow them to move me over to their new BB Network and then it all went pear shaped and I lost my Internet connection.... same on my lap top! A very, very nice PC engineer came out this evening and sorted the connection out and got my systems singing sweetly once again.

Now I just have to install Office and all my other programmes, printers, camera etc, etc. I will work my way through everything methodically. But one thing's for sure - I can get onto Blogger again and I even have an operative browse button to access my photo's and a hyperlink that works too... yessss!

So I should be back with you again very soon. I have lots of pics to download and newsy bits to update so keep checking back. Thank you all for sticking with me through this technological nightmare, I really appreciate it and for all your lovely comments left on previous posts.
Now, back to work. The sooner I get all of this sorted the sooner I can come out to play!


Jo said...

Congratulations, Lynn. Good to have you back with us! You're very brave to have tackled that job between workshops. Nice to see that you have finally whipped the technology into shape. I shall watch avidly now for your catch ups. I'm really looking to you for some serious inspiration as I have spent the whole day surrounded by craft materials and made very little that I was happy with. On a more positive note, over the weekend I put the finishing touches to all my Christmas workshop cards and the organiser we did with you and they are looking interestingly unseasonal on my mantelpiece!

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back, I love your Blog. In fact it is all down to your gorgeous Grungeboard tags/flowers that I have joined the Graphicus Guild so I don't miss out on your feature. Long may your creative juices flow.


Suzanne said...

Stunning work with your tags
I love your idea of them hanging on the bust ( sorry or whatever it is called )
Glad you are getting sorted with your computer as I visit your site daily to see anything new
Love your work and inspiration

Chris said...

Woohoo! Glad to hear you're sorted out, Lynn. Looking forward to seeing more of your fab artwork.

My Big Flowers arrived today so I'm off to get messy with the Distress inks and Grungeboard. Think I'll also get the Glimmer Mists out too - then I can get really messy. :-))

craftimamma said...

Glad you got it all sorted Lynn. I don't know about tackling it between workshops, I couldn't have tackled it at any time.

Just wanted to say thanks for a brilliant (half) workshop with you on Friday. I had a smashing day and can't wait to finish off my creations. I've had my daughter and granddaughter staying ever since the workshop so no time to craft and also the book is going to be a gift for my daughter so I can't finish it while she's here can I?

Can't wait to see the wonderful things you have to show us now you're properly back in blogland.


acrylik said...

Hurrah! Glad to hear you got everything working in the end, what a nightmare.

Love the mannequin with all the tags on, what a great idea :)


Glenda Waterworth said...

Great to see you back Lynn. I've nominated you for the Wylde Women award on my blog. Glenda

artyfartykat said...

Hello you!!
Pleased your PC nightmare has come to an end, AT LAST! It must have driven you mad!
Hope you are well and Stuart and Diesel are behaving themselves.
Theres been a few probs this end, which are hopefully sorted now, but I'll hopefully get up to see you SOON! I miss you lot up there!! You deserve the award too, you inspire so many people, including me, that it is richly deserved.
P.S. Paddy n Alfie send big licks!!

Bird said...

Glad to see you back after wrestling the IT demons into submission. I love your artwork, you are creative, imaginative and inspirational especially to less talented mortals such as myself. I look forward to more of your posts and imaginative creations such as the 'tag lady'.
With love

Deby said...

As a famous person once said .... Nice to see you .... to see you nice , or as we would say in Blogland .. Great to have you back in the nether nether regions of cyberland AKA Blogger :-)

The tag dress is looking great x

Best wishes , take care