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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't Ya Just Love It?

Just got back from demonstrating at the HobbyCrafts Show at the NEC, Birmingham. I'm on a high but very tired after a long week and a long drive home. I will take some photos of some of the cards I made during the show and put them on my blog with an update - hopefully tomorrow.

But for now, I was just checking my emails with the TV on in the background when I got distracted by the most amazing ad. I have put on here for you to have a chuckle at too if you haven't seen it already....... it's so good it almost makes me want to buy a Polo.

Sorry - Video No Longer Available


Anonymous said...

I agree with you Lynn. I watch very little TV but it's always on in the background 'cos my hubby's an addict and he kept having a chuckle at what he said was a brilliant ad so I told him to point it out to me when it next came on - which was last night and we both ended up in fits 'cos a chuckle tends to grow when you share it.

Glad you had a good weekend and can't wait to see the cards.

Lesley GG197

acrylik said...

Hehe, I'd not seen that before, that's great :D

Dot Crackles said...

Hi Lynn
Yes I had seen it, it's wonderful isn't it. It reminds me of my dog, Jack, we have 2 westies and Jack is sooo henpecked. When Beth (who is half his size) is around he hides in a corner or upstairs with me in my craft room. He curls up under my desk and gets covered in glitter. When she's out or asleep he 's king of the castle.

Aren't pets just wonderful.

Luv u lots

artyfartykat said...

I LOVE this ad and have been nagging everyone to watch it since I first saw it last week!
I can just imagine Diesel singing like that in your car!! ;)

Nozzer said...

Hi Lynne!
..... but you wont buy a Polo will you???!!!

Pleased you're back safe from Birmingham - and I bet you are absolutely kippered!!

Just a tip - I think you should keep an eye on that dog of yours!! He's beeing sending mail to some feline friends I think - they just can't be trusted can they???

See you soon!!