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Friday, March 23, 2007

Inspiration Lost

I've been really naughty again! No blogging for several weeks now but I didn't really have anything that inspired me to blog. In fact, the last few weeks have been a real none starter.

I had a Birthday, yes 'another' one! Didn't do anything special to celebrate it but I did get some lovely cards from family and friends - Kath sent a wonderful quirky sheep card called 'Down at the Trough' from a watercolour by Alex Clark, Carrie Anne's card featured one of her own fantastic carvings and my card from everyone at work really got me going........ Glenda made it and I felt so privileged as it was made from one of her new Artylicious papers. What really made it special was the fact that this was the first time the paper has been seen. The CD ROM will launch in a couple of months and I've had a sneaky peek at some of the designs. Well, if you're fortunate enough to have got your hands on the first two (Fantasy Florals and Filigree Fusion) let me tell you, 'You Ain't Seen Nuthin Yet'! Wow, the colours are unbelievable and so are the designs. Let me at them! Back to the cards, I got lots of lovely cards from the family and a 'Chocolate' card from Lynn and Jessica. The Chocolate bar on the front looks so realistic that several people including me, wanted to eat it. Thank you to everyone who sent cards, I love them all.

I was a very lucky on the pressy front too. From the girls and boys at work I got a Maya Road Lunch tin full of fantastic crafting goodies that I haven't seen on the UK market yet - must take a photo for the blog. Lynn and Jessica sent crafting treasures too and I can't wait to play with them all. The family donated money to feed my habit and my wonderful brother sent a fab spring bouquet that smelt heavenly and lit up the lounge.
Then the following week I hit the ground with a thump and haven't really picked myself up since. We heard that a very dear friend who I have known for many many years, lost her husband to cancer. Life is so unfair............

The weather, which up until last weekend had been quite spring-like, suddenly took a turn for the worse. We took my parents out for lunch on Sunday to celebrate Mother's Day and encountered flurries of snow during the drive out to Barnard Castle. Of course, that was just the start of things to come during the week. Tuesday and Wednesday saw overnight snow which layed but cleared throughout the day. It reminded me of last March at the Glasgow Craft Show when we got snowed in on the Sunday morning. I still think that was one of the most memorable shows that I have done and most definitely the funniest. But that's a whole other story!

I'm hoping that the sun will come out this week end and that I'll 'find my groove' again and with it, some inspiration. I have a plan in mind for tomorrow that should get me going big time. I'll report back soon with the outcome.


artyfartykat said...

Nice to have you back! I think my inspiration's gone down the plughole! Bloomin' teddies!!
Sounds like you got some arty goodness for your birthday! For your spare time?!?!
Pleased your parents enjoyed their meal on Mothers Day, they look really well, especially after all thats happened recently. I was so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend, its hard to come to terms with, when they have 'been there' for so many years.
I'm intrigued by the 'plan for tomorrow'!! Don't leave us in suspense too long!! ;)

Craftydramaqueen said...

Belated birthday wishes! Sounds like you got some nice crafty pressies.

acrylik said...

Lovely pic of your mum and dad, sounds like you all had a good day out. Those flowers are just beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Sorry the Chocolate wasn't real - I must try harder next year! Lynn.