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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Overglinns Brodie - better known as Diesel

Let me introduce you to my boy Diesel. He'll be four in October and is the most intuitive, loyal and loving friend anyone could wish for.

We've had Diesel since he was 8 weeks old when he arrived in the back of a police dog van with his sister and four of his brothers. Two of the boys had already been selected by the Cleveland Police Force and the little girl was going to a local farmer. I picked Diesel or should I say - he picked me! I was warned that he was going to be a handful and would probably be the most difficult of the remaining pups but it didn't deter me.

So, the other boys all went off to be big bold police dogs around the UK and Diesel joined our family who at the time included another wonderful German Shepherd Dog called Degas who was to be his mentor.

Diesel is such an entertainer, he is relentless in his quest for play, a great friend and a formidable presence as a protector of the family and home. I'll tell you more about his antics in later postings.

This is my first posting and I'd like to use it to say a big thank you to my friend and colleague Carrie Anne who has helped to get me this far with my blog.

Those of you who've checked out my profile will already know that I'm an art & craft addict and my blog will probably feature heavily with things related to my passion for crafting. So please come back and visit again. Got to go and get my daily fix now....... There's a blank canvas waiting!


acrylik said...

You're very welcome!

That's such a gorgeous picture of Diesel, I'm looking forward to reading more about him.

Bring on the art!

artyfartykat said...

What a handsome chap he is! Hope he gets better soon. Paddy and Alfie send a big, get well lick!!