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Monday, September 13, 2010

Spookin' Time

Well, I survived the Paradise Weekend Retreat! It's amazing to think that just over a week ago it was in full swing and what a weekend it was. It was fast and furious and came and went in what now seems like a complete blur. I will be posting some photos on the blog soon but I didn't get nearly as many as I had planned to.

Straight after the event it was back to work and with Halloween just around the corner you can guess what I've been spending my time doing? Yes, I am having so much fun with these new Elusive Images Halloween stamps and they complement last year's 'Twilight Zone' stamp sheet so well that I just pick'n'mix them all up together!

They are incredibly inspirational and I have lots of things already in progress for 'The Night of Spooks', from little gifts for callers at the door through to journal pages holding childhood memories of the costumes my brother and I dressed up in - always homemade of course (there was no such thing as Supermarket Fancy Dress departments in those days) and all the antics we got up to on All Hallows Eve, never too naughty as Mum was always close at hand!

I'm really getting into it this year and have also designed a couple of costumes... just in case we get invited to some Spooktacular Affair but if not, then I'll just have to wear them to work.

This months Tagtastic Technique in the Graphicus Guild newsletter also has a Halloween theme, although I'm not going to show it in its entirety on my blog, but here are a few sneaky peaks of what you can expect.....

....and if you want to see more and find out how to make it, your copy of the September newsletter should be with you very soon. If you're reading this and you are not a member then click here for all the info on how to join.


I intend my blog to be a happy place featuring mainly my art work with interjections of life as it happens. It is also my diary and a record of memorable events and as such, occasionally those events will be sad ones.

However, there have been a few too many sad events of late and it is with a heavy heart that last Friday, I attended the funeral of my very dear friend Patti who died in the most tragic of circumstances on the 01st of September. It was the happiest and saddest event I have ever witnessed.

Patti and I have been friends for thirty nine years. We met whilst working on the ground at Teesside Airport in offices right next door to each other, then we joined British Midland and went through our cabin crew training course together...creating havoc as some may well remember! We flew together on many an occasion and boy, do I have some hilarious memories of some of those flights!

Later, Patti's husband Paul was a groomsman at our wedding and so the friendship continued. Throughout all the years I knew Patti there was always a four legged furry friend somewhere close to hand, she loved her pets and was a dedicated horsewoman throughout her life, be it with her own horses or those of her children. So it was fitting that when we emerged from the Chapel this is what we saw....

She would have loved this sight.

I have so many truly wonderful memories of Patti and the times we spent together laughing that I am going to work on an art journal containing my memories of her, where it will take me I don't know but I'm sure looking forward to taking this last flight with her.


I'll be back soon with some more crafty stuff. I'm putting the finishing touches to the Graphicus Autumn/Winter Workshop Programme this week so hopefully, I'll have lots of new workshop dates to share with you all.

Until then, enjoy your crafting.... and laugh often!